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About the game

Barotrauma is a 2D multiplayer resource management game currently in development by Undertow Games. The game was released for free as a pre-alpha version on July 31st, 2015, with a full commercial release said to be coming out around 2016-17.

Recent Blog Posts

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A beginner’s guide to injecting mind-controlling parasites into people

Regalis - 2016/08/25 18:07

Step one: Make sure you’ve been infected with the husk parasite. The most common way to get infected is an encounter with an active husk, but some well-equipped laboratories and research facilities may also house dormant husk eggs.   Step two: Once infected, you may have trouble swal...

Multiple subs!

Regalis - 2016/08/14 13:01

v0.5.0.0 is now out! The biggest addition in this update is the multi-sub support I mentioned in the last post, but there’s also a ton of smaller changes and bugfixes (check out the changelog). Share...

Multiple subs?

Regalis - 2016/06/10 15:09

The idea of a submarine-vs-submarine game mode has been popping up quite frequently and now we’re one step closer to having one: There were (and still are) tons of systems in the game that work under the assumption that there’s just one submarine, so even loading another s...


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