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In Barotrauma, the Abyss is defined as the layer of the ocean from 1600 meter depth and deeper, until the bottom of the levels. The pressure there is such that diving suits offer no adequate protection, and even the hull of the submarine take continual damage while in this zone; the deeper the submarine is in the abyss, the faster it breaks. It should be noted, with adequate protection of the hull, most submarines can survive up to depths of ~2000 before flooding. Past these depths multiple walls on the outer layers are advised, and all windows should be replaced with walls. Additionally, heavy ordinance such as Nuclear Shells should be brought in high quantity, preferably filled with explosives.

For obvious reasons, it is recommended to avoid going to these depths at all, much less diving in them.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Despite the intense pressure of such an environment, the Abyss is not totally unlivable, as it is home to three different creatures: the quick and deadly Coelanth, the bulky yet fast Charybdis and the apocalyptic Endworm. Luckily, each of these powerful creatures are uncommon even in their home environment, and are almost nonexistent above the Abyss.

These creatures all have something in common: minmaxing.[note 1] For example, while the Coelanth is fast and powerful, its health is such that it can be defeated with five shots from a mere Harpoon Gun. Even the mighty Endworm will only ever notice submarines, and is the same speed in water as the player.

This means that, essentially, each Abyss creature is skilled at many things, but each has their own weakness.

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  1. Minmaxing is a term used in video games and tabletop games to refer to a character that is specialized for a single purpose, but is outclassed at most other things.