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Afflictions are status effects which characters can receive through varied means, they can have positive or negative effects. Afflictions are displayed as icons above your health bar, and in-depth information can be seen through the health GUI (which can be accessed with the [H] key, or by clicking on your health bar).

This menu shows:

  • The limb affected (do note that some afflictions affect the whole body and are always displayed on the torso/head)
  • The overall state of each limb, signalled by its color, from Green to Red
  • A list of afflictions, and a loose indicator of their strength (Light, Medium or Heavy)
  • A list of suitable treatments (may be misleading, only characters with high enough Medical Skill will get an accurate list of treatments) for the affliction.

Most afflictions can be treated by applying a suitable treatment to the afflicted limb, from the Health GUI, by dragging and dropping the treatment.

While some effects are not visually displayed until a certain threshold, if the associated icon is not shown the affliction has no effect on your character (except the stun affliction which never displays its icon)

List of Afflictions[edit | edit source]

There is a total of 32 afflictions, 7 of which are helpful (technically 6 since one of them currently cannot be obtained during usual gameplay) and the other 25 harmful in some way.

Internal Damage[edit | edit source]

Affliction Internal Damage.png

The Internal Damage afflictions represents raw damage, and directly reduces the Health of the afflicted Character.

Most attacks in-game deal damage by using this affliction or its variants, and the affliction can affect any limb.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Internal Damage is split into 7 types:

Affliction Internal Damage.png Internal Damage - Inflicted by certain stun weapons, Coilguns and Railguns, Depth Charges.

There are signs of burst blood vessels and of organ damage.

Affliction Blunt Force Trauma.png Blunt Force Trauma - Inflicted by heavy environmental impact and blunt weapons, such as the Crowbar, Wrench and Stun Baton.

The area is an ugly shade of purple, and apparently very painful to touch. You suspect a bone might be broken.

Affliction Lacerations.png Lacerations - Inflicted with sharp weapons, such as the Screwdriver, Spears, Frag Grenades and Diving Knife.

The skin is pierced and there are deep, bleeding wounds.

Affliction Bite Wounds.png Bite Wounds - Inflicted by various Creatures.

There is extensive damage to soft tissue in the area and there are asymmetrical, bleeding wounds.

Affliction Gunshot Wound.png Gunshot Wound - Inflicted by getting shot at with firearms, such as the Revolver, Riot Shotgun and SMG. It also causes medium Bleeding, which leads to Bloodloss.

The entry site is a small, dark, bruised hole oozing a little blood. The exit wound however is a large ragged mess of exposed tissue and pouring blood.

Affliction Organ Damage.png Organ Damage - Inflicted by most poisons and certain medical items, such as Broad-spectrum Antibiotics and Liquid Oxygenite.

The patient is suffering from sharp pain in their internal organs. There is no visible damage to the epidermis.

Affliction Deep Tissue Injury.png Deep Tissue Injury - Inflicted by explosions, commonly from the Reactor meltdown.

The area is colored purple. The tissue underneath feels different than the surrounding skin.

All Internal Damage can be treated most effectively by using Morphine, Fentanyl, as well as other medical items with various degrees of success.

Bleeding[edit | edit source]

Affliction Bleeding.png
Blood pours freely from this ragged and particularly nasty open wound.

The Bleeding affliction represents open wounds, most of the Creatures on Europa can cause open wounds alongside Internal Damage. While Bleeding does directly reduce a character's health, its most dangerous attribute is the constant bloodloss caused by it. This affliction can affect any Limb.

Bleeding can be healed most effectively by using Plastiseal, Bandage or various other medical items on the wounded limb with various degrees of success.

Bleeding will gradually stop, until it eventually disappears, albeit waiting it out is usually not a viable solution due to the accumulation of Bloodloss.

Burn[edit | edit source]

Affliction Burn.png
The area is blistered and red, and skin is already beginning to peel away in sheets. The patient is in a great deal of pain.

The Burn affliction represents the damage caused by heat sources, and directly reduces the health of the afflicted character.

Burn damage is commonly caused by accidents involving a Welding Tool or the Plasma Cutter, doing electrical repairs with insufficient skill, fires and explosions. This affliction can affect any limb.

Burns can be healed most effectively with Bandages and Most Opiates or various other medical items with various degrees of success.

Oxygen Low[edit | edit source]

Affliction Oxygen Low.png
The skin is pale and clammy, and the lips turning blue.

The Oxygen Low affliction represents suffocation damage, and it directly reduces the health of the afflicted character.

The affliction is commonly caused by being in oxygen-poor environments (most commonly, underwater) without an Oxygen source or by being in critical condition.

The affliction will quickly vanish by being conscious in an oxygenated room.

If the afflicted character is in critical condition, the common course of action involves supplying the character with a Diving Mask and performing CPR. Alternatively, medical items such as Liquid Oxygenite can also treat it.

Bloodloss[edit | edit source]

Affliction Bloodloss.png
The patient is pale and cold. Their heart beats in an alarmingly rapid fashion.

The Bloodloss affliction is how the damage from Bleeding progressively accumulates and has a direct impact on the health of the afflicted character.

The only way to receive Bloodloss is to have suffered from Bleeding for some time.

Bloodloss can be treated by supplying the patient with an external source of intravenous fluid, usually a Blood Pack.

While Bloodloss gradually disappears, a Bleeding wound will accumulate Bloodloss faster than it decays, leading to a constant loss of health.

Stun[edit | edit source]

Main article: Stun

Affliction Stun.png
The patient is dazed and unresponsive.

Stun is a non-lethal affliction that renders the victim motionless while in effect. It forces the afflicted character into ragdoll mode, hides the inventory, and prevents communication. Stunned characters can be [G]rabbed by other players, and their inventory freely accessed.

Most commonly caused by a Stun Batons and Stun Guns, most attacks deal a momentary stun on impact.

Characters recover from stuns at a rate of 1% per second. Methamphetamine and Hyperzine increase recovery rate from stuns.

Larger creatures are more resistant to stuns.

Barotrauma/Pressure[edit | edit source]

Affliction Pressure.png
There is obvious massive organ damage and the blood vessels of the eye have burst, creating an unnerving red gaze.

The Barotrauma affliction can only be seen when examining characters who have died from it, but living characters will be shown the affliction's icon when they are in a high pressure area (most notably, Europa's ocean), death by Barotrauma is not instant, and its effects are signaled by screen shaking and Bleeding.

There is no way to treat nor heal barotrauma, its effects can only be prevented by wearing a Diving Suit (However, beyond the depth of 2000m, not even a Diving Suit will protect you from the pressure). As of version, a temporary alternative is Anabolic Steroids. The status effect they incur, Vigor, allows a character to survive pressure damage if the drugs are taken prior to exposure, though, unless multiple doses are taken, they will be unconscious. If Vigor wears off completely, the character will die, so multiple doses of steroids are necessary for continued survival. Tonic Liquid is reccomended.

Husk Infection[edit | edit source]

Affliction Husk Infection.png
Something dark and unpleasant moves in the mouth. They are rendered completely mute, save for occasional clicking sounds apparently emanating from deep within the throat.

Husk Infection can be caused by being bitten by a Husk or injected with Velonaceps Calyx Eggs. Handling eggs or Husk corpses may also cause infection.

A single bite/injection is enough to permanently infect a character, as the affliction progressively gets worse.

As the infection progresses, you will be prompted with messages about your state, the dormant stage of the infection has no adverse side effects, however, the medium stage of the affliction will make you unable to talk in chat (and possibly VOIP), and prevent all adverse effects of Barotrauma, allowing the Player to freely swim on the Europan Ocean without a Diving Suit. Later in the infection, a stinger-like appendage will fully grow in the Character's throat, and can be used to attack (middle mouse button, or [R]) and spread the infection to other Characters. At the last stage, the player will faint and have seizures while dying of internal damage, when the player dies it will rise back from death as an NPC Husk. A killed Husk does not revive a third time.

The best known treatment for a husk infection is Calyxanide, albeit it's only effective during the dormant and middle stages of the infection (doing so grants the player the "I am the cure" Achievement). Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics also work if administered during the dormant phase, though they are ineffective during the middle phase. Antibiotics also have the benefit of granting the patient temporary immunity to the Husk parasite and may therefore be injected pre-emptively.

Calyxanide won't help during the final stages, in which it only deals heavy damage to the infected character.

Psychosis[edit | edit source]

Affliction Psychosis.png
The patient rants and mutters in an agitated fashion, a steady commentary of unseen events.

The Psychosis affliction has no impact on health, but causes the player to see fires and screen shaking, as if the submarine was being attacked by a Creature. However, if an NPC Crew Member gets psychosis, they will say strange things (visible in the chat), serving as a warning that the character has psychosis.

Psychosis can be inflicted from Deliriumine Poisoning, Alien Blood or from exploring the Alien Ruinscitation needed, and while it doesn't significantly impact a character's performance, may be troublesome in the event of a real fire.

Psychosis, on its own naturally fades away but may be instantly treated by using Haloperidol.

Drunk[edit | edit source]

Affliction Drunk.png
The smell of alcohol rises from them like a vapor, their speech slurs a little, and their eyes fail to focus.

The Drunk affliction has detrimental effects for player movement, communication and perception, progressively worse depending on how drunk the player is, and can be gotten by drinking Ethanol.

Its effects include: Lowered max health, lowered Speed, blurry and visually distorted screen and speech impairment (only applies to AI dialogcitation needed).

Extremely drunk players can die from it, as the effect will eventually set the player's max health to 0, sending them into critical condition, however, death from alcohol poisoning is rare, as the affliction deteriorates relatively quickly (especially at high levels).

The way to cure drunk players is by injecting them with Stabilozine.

Opiate Withdrawal[edit | edit source]

Affliction Opiate Withdrawal.png
Agitation and a tremor are obvious, as are the signs of nausea.

The Opiate Withdrawal affliction has detrimental effects for player movement, communication and perception, progressively worse depending on the severity of the affliction, a player will enter opiate withdrawal if they were suffering from Opiate Addiction and were not given opiates (Fentanyl, Opium and Morphine) or treated (with Naloxone).

Its effects include: Lowered max health (which can outright kill the player, if the affliction is severe enough), lowered speed, a visually distorted screen, strange colors and speech impairment (only applies to AI dialogcitation needed).

The affliction will very slowly fade out, but can be treated with Naloxone to reduce its effects or delayed by further fueling the patient's opiate addiction.

Opiate Overdose[edit | edit source]

Affliction Opiate Overdose.png
The patient has pinpoint pupils and icy cold skin. They struggle to breathe and swallow.

The Opiate Overdose affliction appears when a player has been treated with too many opiates, minor overdose causes small distortion of the screen, while higher severity of overdose will greatly distort the screen and progressively kill the player by reducing the max health depending on the severity.

If you can see the icon above your health bar, you are at risk of death from opiate overdose.

Opiate overdose can not be cured, but it quickly decays.

In the event of overdosing on opiates, your only hope is to survive the recovery and seek suitable treatment for the upcoming Opiate Withdrawal.

Opiate Addiction[edit | edit source]

Affliction Opiate Addiction.png
The patient is happy enough... so long as they get what they need.

The Opiate Addiction affliction appears when a Player has been given Opiates (albeit its effects only manifest when overused). This affliction serves as a "director" that constantly causes Opiate Withdrawal (forcing the player to either take additional Opiates, risking Opiate Overdose, or to deal with the progressively worse Opiate Withdrawal). Fully recovering from an Opiate Addiction grants the Player the "Getting Clean" achievement.

Opiate Addiction decays on its own, but can be cured with Naloxone. Taking Opiates while suffering from Opiate Addiction is not recommended, and should be avoided (outside of Roleplaying).

Radiation Sickness[edit | edit source]

Affliction Radiation Sickness.png
Burns and sores can be seen on patient's skin. They seem to be spreading.

Radiation Sickness is a rare, but really dangerous affliction that can be inflicted by being too close to a Nuclear Reactor meltdown, being too close to the explosion from a nuclear railgun shell or nuclear depth charge, or by being deliberately poisoned with Radiotoxin.

Radiation Sickness will cause progressively worse Burn on each limb of the body, leading to quickly accumulating damage.

Radiation Sickness does not decay overtime, and gets progressively worse, thus, it should be quickly treated with Antirad.

Paralysis[edit | edit source]

The patient has trouble moving.

Paralysis is caused by being injected with Paralyzant or being attacked by the Leucocyte.

It causes screen distortion, gradually slows movement down to almost a halt, and when reaching 100% of the effect, the character becomes permanently stunned (paralyzed) until treated.

Unlike other Poisonings, Paralysis does not reduce max health. Therefore, it is possible for the inflicted to still be alive while paralyzed for the remainder of the round if not treated or already suffering from other lethal afflictions. On its own, Paralysis is considered non-lethal, although the full effect puts the player on a constant critical like state, such as being able to Give In, unable to communicate, etc.

The only way to cure Paralysis is to be given Anaparalyzant.

Morbusine Poisoning[edit | edit source]

Affliction Morbusine Poisoning.png
The patient can't breathe at all, and their heartrate is slowing rapidly.

Morbusine Poisoning is caused by being injected with Morbusine.

Morbusine causes screen distortion, slowed movement, and quickly drains oxygen from the victim.

Morbusine Poisoning will kill a character after about 50 seconds if not treated.

The only way to cure Morbusine Poisoning is to be given Morbusine Antidote.

Sufforin Poisoning[edit | edit source]

Affliction Sufforin Poisoning.png
Without prompt treatment, sufforine poisoning leads to delusions and rapid death.

Sufforin Poisoning is caused by being injected with Sufforin.

Sufforin has no effects initially, after 30 seconds the screen blurs heavily, and after 90 seconds the the victim loses vitality, losing 100 vitality at 100. This is lethal to most humans.

The only way to survive Sufforin Poisoning is to be given Sufforin Antidote in time.

Deliriumine Poisoning[edit | edit source]

Affliction Deliriumine Poisoning.png
Patient is hallucinating and exhibits paranoia.

Deliriumine Poisoning is caused by being injected with Deliriumine.

Unlike other poisons, Deliriumine is not lethal, as its only effect is causing a permanent, gradually increasing Psychosis.

Deliriumine Poisoning does not decay overtime, thus Deliriumine Antidote is necessary to remove the affliction, alongside Haloperidol to treat the associated Psychosis.

Cyanide Poisoning[edit | edit source]

Affliction Cyanide Poisoning.png
The patient is confused and has trouble breathing. Their skin is red and they have occasional muscle spasms.

Cyanide Poisoning is caused by being injected with Cyanide. Cyanide Poisoning causes screen distortion and slowed movement, effects increasing over time. At 70 seconds, the victim is stunned Stun and starts losing health, losing 100 Vitality after 100 seconds.

The only way to survive Cyanide Poisoning is to be given the Cyanide Antidote in time.

Slow Metabolism[edit | edit source]

Affliction Slow Metabolism.png
Causes chemicals to last longer.

Slow Metabolism is a buff that can be obtained by drinking Tonic Liquid.

Its main purpose is increasing the duration of any other buffs, thus strengthening their effect.

At max strength (600%) it increases the durations by 100%.

Giving Tonic Liquid to a critically wounded patient may be worth it so as to increase the efficiency of further treatments

Slow Metabolism decays overtime, lasting a total of 100 seconds.

Hyperactivity[edit | edit source]

Affliction Haste.png
Movement speed and reflexes are heightened.

Hyperactivity is a buff that can be obtained by being injected with Methamphetamine or Hyperzine.

Its main purpose is increasing the character speed to the safe limit (the fastest speed that doesn't cause collision damage on impact with walls/doors).

Hyperactivity decays overtime, lasting a total of 80 seconds with Methamphetamine, and 100 with Hyperzine.

Husk Infection Resistance[edit | edit source]

Affliction Husk Infection Resistance.png
Patient's immune system is more attuned to alien parasites.

Husk Infection Resistance is a buff that can be obtained by being injected with Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.

It protects the player from the Husk Infection by up to 75%.

Husk Infection Resistance decays overtime, lasting a total of 100 seconds.

Paralysis Resistance[edit | edit source]

The patient's body is less affected by paralysis. It also seems to recover from any existing effects.

Paralysis Resistance is a buff that can be obtained by consuming Anaparalyzant.

It protects the player from Paralysis by up to 800%. At the same time, it gives the player Psychosis, up to 12%.

Paralysis Resistance decays overtime, lasting around 160 seconds.

Psychosis Resistance[edit | edit source]

Affliction Psychosis Resistance.png
Patient exhibits high mental fortitude.

Psychosis Resistance is a buff that can be obtained by consuming Ethanol.

It protects the player from Psychosis by up to 75%.

Psychosis Resistance decays overtime, lasting 10 seconds for each sip of Ethanol.

Pressure Resistance[edit | edit source]

Affliction Pressure Resistance.png
Internal organs are more accustomed to high pressures.

Pressure Resistance is an unobtainable buff which protects the player from environmental Pressure by up to 75%.

Pressure Resistance decays overtime, at a rate of 1 unit per second.

Vigor[edit | edit source]

Affliction Vigor.png
Patient's pain receptors are numbed.

Vigor is an buff that can be obtained by consuming Anabolic Steroids and to a lesser extent, Hyperzine.

Vigor protects the player from damage by up to 75%.

Vigor decays overtime, lasting ~60 seconds with Anabolic Steroids.

Space Herpes[edit | edit source]

Affliction Space Herpes.png
The patient's face is covered with nasty-looking blisters and ulcers.

Space Herpes' is a special negative affliction which can cause a number of negative effects, it can only be gained by reaching a low enough Karma value. (The low-point can be configured in the Server Settings)

Its purpose is to deter griefing in Multiplayer, some of its effects include: lowered max health, lowered movement speed, blurry and visually distorted screen, fainting, weakness and blisters on face.

It decays over time as the player's karma increases passively.