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Chemicals can be categorized into 3 different categories: medical chemicals, harmful chemicals and crafting chemicals. Crafting chemicals are used to make medicine or poisons. Medical chemicals are chemicals that can be used to heal afflictions, like burns or internal damage. Harmful chemicals usually cause afflictions on the person with no upside to them.

All 3 types can be used by pressing the H button (by default) on a person/self and then clicking and dragging the chemical to the health GUI.

List of Chemicals[edit | edit source]

Overall there are 6 crafting chemicals 24 medical chemicals and 6 harmful chemicals in the game.

Crafting Chemicals[edit | edit source]

These chemicals can be used as treatments/harmful chemicals, but should be crafted into the better chemicals.

Opium[edit | edit source]

A relatively mild opioid obtained from Aquatic Poppy. Most commonly used to manufacture Morphine and Fentanyl.

Opium is the stepping stone to the rest of the opiates as it is able to craft Morphine and Fentanyl.

Opium can be used twice and can be used as a medicine which for 5 seconds, lowers Burns and Internal Damage by 4 to the entire body every second. However its side effect is that it increases Opiate Addiction to .3% and lowers oxygen by 5% for 5 seconds.

Opium is acquired by deconstructing a Poppy Plant.

Broad-spectrum Antibiotics[edit | edit source]

Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.png
A mild antibiotic that acts against a wide range of disease-causing bacteria, though with side effect of internal damage. Used as an ingredient in many medical compounds.

Broad-spectrum Antibiotics can be used as a replacement for Calyxanide in the event that there is none.

It is also used to craft useful chemicals like Calyxanide and Antibiotic Glue.

It can be injected twice, lasts 60 seconds and reverses Husk Infection by .5% per second. However it also deals .55% Internal Damage per second. Due to the side effects, it is advised that Calyxanide is used instead when possible.

It is acquired by deconstructing Slime Bacteria.

Stabilozine[edit | edit source]

Used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various medicines. On its own, can be mildly useful in the treatment of internal damage and burns, and slightly more effectively for oxygen deprivation.

Stabilozine is used to craft most treatments to poisons like Morbusine and Calyxanide, but is needed to craft many other chemicals.

It can also be used for treating Internal Damage and Burns.

It can be used twice, lasts 10 seconds, heals Burns and Internal Damage by 1% per second, and treats the Oxygen Low affliction by 2% per second.|

Can be obtained by deconstructing a Swim Bladder.

Ethanol[edit | edit source]

Medical alcohol used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various medicines. Drinking while on duty is not advised.

Ethanol protects against Psychosis but makes the user drunk.

It is also used in crafting Fentanyl and other chemicals. It can be used twice, lasts 10 seconds and increases the Drunk affliction by .5% and Psychosis Resistance by 10%.

It is acquired by deconstructing a Sea Yeast Plant.

Adrenaline[edit | edit source]

A naturally occurring hormone. Useful for crafting.

Adrenaline is used in making Fentanyl. It currently has no medical use besides crafting.

Sulphuric Acid[edit | edit source]

Sulphuric Acid.png
A strong acid that causes burns when in contact with skin. Used as an ingredient in several poisons.

Sulphuric Acid is needed to craft most poisons like Sufforin.

It can be used twice and lasts 10 seconds dealing 2% Burn per second. As it cannot be fired from the Syringe Gun, its uses against Creatures are very limited and can only be used against other players.

It is acquired by deconstructing a Sulphurite Shard.

Medical Chemicals[edit | edit source]

These chemicals directly help the players by healing afflictions, however most have a side effect that cause other afflictions to happen.

Bandage[edit | edit source]

Basic bandages, useful in the treatment of bleeding wounds and burns.

Bandages are a basic medical item which is used for treating Bleeding and Burns.

Each bandage lasts 1 second and lowers Burns by 45% and Bleeding by 25%.

Plastiseal[edit | edit source]

A synthetic skin with hemostatic properties, able to quickly seal most wounds.

Plastiseal is a much better type of bandage as it can be used 4 times instead of once and treats Bleeding and Burns more effectively.

It has 4 uses, lasts 5 seconds and lowers Bleeding and Burns by 7% every second.

It can be crafted using a Bandage and Elastin.

Morphine[edit | edit source]

A powerful opiate for treating pain associated with internal injuries, but will cause shortness of breath and eventual dependency with overuse.

Morphine is the first stepping stone in the opiate chemicals, as such, it's not as strong as fentanyl.

It should still be used with care as it can cause Opiate Addiction and Overdose.

It is crafted by fusing two opiums together.

It has 2 uses, lasts for 10 seconds, and heals Internal Damage and Burn by 5%, and causes Oxygen damage by 3%

Fentanyl[edit | edit source]

A powerful opiate for treating pain associated with internal injuries, but will cause shortness of breath and eventual dependency with overuse.

Fentanyl is an opiate and as such is a staple in most submarines.

It is the "upgrade" of Morphine as it treats more Internal Damage and Burn, however it also deals more oxygen damage and is more likely to cause an Opiate Addiction and Overdose.

It can be injected twice, lasts 5 seconds, it reduces Internal Damage and Burns by 15%, but also lowers oxygen by 10%. As with all opiates it will cause dependency and overdose/withdrawal if used too much.

Chloral Hydrate[edit | edit source]

Chloral Hydrate.png
A sedative that can be used to knock someone out for a short period of time.

Chloral Hydrate is a sedative and can be used to stun characters without the use of a Stun Baton.

It can be injected twice and on use gives a 10% Stun affliction which deteriorates over time.

Methamphetamine[edit | edit source]

A potent nervous system stimulant.

Consider Methamphetamine as a weaker version of opiates, as it has the same effect, just with the down side of psychosis. It also cures Stun

It has 2 uses and lasts for 60 seconds, Increases oxygen by .1%, internal damage by .1%, and reduces stun by 10%. Its downside is that it increases Psychosis by .2%.

Hyperzine[edit | edit source]

An extremely potent muscle stimulant for those moments when you gotta go fast.

Hyperzine is a more beefed up version of Methamphetamine.

It causes the player to run faster and do other actions faster.

It can be injected twice, lasts 60 seconds, lowers Internal Damage and oxygen by .1% and Stun by 10%. It increases Hyperactivity to 100% and increases Vigor by .3% per second. Its side effect is Psychosis which increases by .1% per second.

Haloperidol[edit | edit source]

A strong antipsychotic drug.

Haloperidol is the cure to Psychosis. It is noteworthy to only use it on people that have only psychosis and not Deliriumine Poisoning as the target would soon regain psychosis.

It has 2 uses, and it lasts for 1 second, decreasing psychosis by 100%.

Liquid Oxygenite[edit | edit source]

Liquid Oxygenite.png
A mildy toxic solution that slowly releases oxygen into the bloodstream when injected. Avoid dropping.

Liquid Oxygenite is a chemical more suited for critical condition patients.

As those patients are unable to breathe will slowly die from the Oxygen Low affliction. It can be used instead of CPR to buy time for the patient to get/make chemicals to properly heal them.

However, just like Nitroglycerin it will explode if it impacts a surface hard enough, giving out a 30% burn and damaging the area around it.

It can be injected twice, lasts 60 seconds and increases oxygen in the body by 1.65% per second. The side effect is 0.5% Internal Damage per second.

Calyxanide[edit | edit source]

An anti-parasitic drug used in the treatment of husk parasite infections. Might require higher dosage to cure the infection at later stages.

Calyxanide is the cure to the Husk Infection along with Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.

Calyxanide is by far the better of the two as it has no adverse side effect unlike Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.

It can be injected twice and will instantly cure the infection. If the player isn't in stage 3 of the Husk Infection it'll lower the husk infection by 40%, requiring 3 doses if they are at 100% infection.

However, in the event of a stage 3 Husk Infection, it will only deal 3% Internal Damage to the player for 10 seconds.

Antibiotic Glue[edit | edit source]

An antibiotic glue with hemostatic properties. Seals bleeding wounds almost immediately and treats burns very effectively. Use with care as it may cause mobile clots in the bloodstream.

Antibiotic glue is used as a replacement for bandages as it heals wounds and burns.

It is crafted useing broad-spectrum Antibiotics, Stabilozine, and Elestin

It can be used 5 times, lasts for 20 seconds, and lowers wounds and burns by 2%. The side effect is internal damage, dealing 1.25%, but will only happen on failure.

Saline[edit | edit source]

A sodium chloride infusion mildly useful in the treatment of blood loss.

Saline is used to cure bloodloss

It is crafted using Sodium and Chlorine

It can be injected 4 times, lasts 5 seconds, and reduces bloodloss by 6%

Blood Pack[edit | edit source]

Blood pack.png
A pack of blood substitute for the treatment of blood loss.

Blood Packs are the upgraded version of saline, and heals more bloodloss.

It is crafted using Saline, Stabilozine, and Alien Blood

It has 2 uses, lasts for 15 seconds, and heals 8% bloodloss.

Naloxone[edit | edit source]

An opioid antagonist for the treatment of opiate based withdrawal and overdose.

Naloxone is the cure to opioid addiction/withdrawal. It should only be used on people who have progressed far enough where they are heavily effected by it.

It is crafted with morphine and stabilozine

It has 2 uses, lasts for 30 seconds and reduces opioid addiction, withdrawal, and overdose by 2%.

Anabolic Steroids[edit | edit source]

Temporarily increases muscular strength and physical performance.

Steroids are used for situations dealing with big creatures, like Mudraptors, as steroids negate a lot of damage through vigor.

It has 2 uses, lasts 60 seconds, lowers oxygen damage by .2%, and increases vigor by 1.6%. Its side effect is a .2% psychosis increase.

Morbusine Antidote[edit | edit source]

Morbusine Antidote.png
An antidote for acute Morbusine poisoning.

Morbusine Antidote is the cure for Morbusine Poisoning.

It can be injected twice and will heal all the damage the victim has incurred from the poisoning.

Sufforin Antidote[edit | edit source]

Sufforin Antidote.png
An antidote for acute sufforin poisoning.

It is the cure to the Sufforin Poisoning.

It can be injected twice, instantly gets rid of the Sufforin Poisoning affliction and heals back the damage caused by it.

Cyanide Antidote[edit | edit source]

Cyanide Antidote.png
An antidote for acute cyanide poisoning.

It is the cure to Cyanide Poisoning.

It can be injected twice, and gets rid of Cyanide poisoning and heals the damage caused by it.

Antirad[edit | edit source]

Slows down cellular degradation caused by radiation.

Antirad is used to cure Radiation Sickness, which can be caused in two ways. First way is by getting injected with Radiotoxin, and the second way is to be in a Nuclear Explosion.

It has 2 uses, and instantly cures Radiation sickness, but not the damage occurred by it as that requires Morphine or Bandages

Deliriumine Antidote[edit | edit source]

Deliriumine antidote.png
An antidote for acute deliriumine poisoning.

It is the cure to Deliriumine Poisoning.

It has 2 uses, and instantly cures Deliriumine Poisoning, but not the damage caused by it. Psychosis requires Naloxone

Harmful Chemicals[edit | edit source]

These chemicals are purely used for negative afflictions. There are no upsides to these chemicals and as such, should only be used against hostile creatures or other humans.

Velonaceps Calyx Eggs[edit | edit source]

Velonaceps Calyx Eggs.png
The early stage of a parasitic creature native to Europa.

Velonaceps Calyx Eggs, or otherwise known as Husk eggs, is a weird harmful chemical.

When injected to a player it gives them the Husk Infection. However, at stage 3 the character can not talk and spreads the infection to other players, but it also makes the player immune to pressure and oxygen damage.

There are two cures to it, Broad-spectrum Antibiotics and Calyxanide. Calyxanide is by far the better of the two as it has no side effects, but in the event there is no Calyxanide, Broad-spectrum Antibiotics can be administered instead to slow down the infection for Calyxanide to hopefully be made.

In the event stage three of the husk infection has occurred, as in the character can not speak and has a black tentacle that sticks from their "mouth", quarantining and murdering them is advised as the husk will spread the infection to the entire crew, causing an outbreak to happen.

Morbusine[edit | edit source]

A highly potent neurotoxin.

As with all poisons, Morbusine is the most common.

It causes Morbusine Poisoning which will slowly kill the victim. It can be injected twice and can be cured with the Morbusine Antidote.

Sufforin[edit | edit source]

A highly potent neurotoxin.

Sufforin is another type of poison, and is considerably the easiest to make due to the ingredients being widely used on ships.

It causes Sufforin Poisoning when injected and after 50 seconds starts to kill the victim. It can be injected twice and can be cured with the Sufforin_Antidote.

Cyanide[edit | edit source]

A famous neurotoxin. Causes muscle spasms and eventual death.

Cyanide is another one of the 4 poisons in the game, and is considerably easy to make, only needing Chloral Hydrate and Sodium

It has 2 uses and on use causes Cyanide Poisoning. It is cured using the Cyanide Antidote.

Radiotoxin[edit | edit source]

Velonaceps Calyx Eggs.png
A highly radioactive solution.

Although confusingly, radiotoxin has the same inventory image as husk eggs.

Unlike all other chemicals in this list, its the only one that requires metals to make.

It has 2 uses, and on use, gives the target Radiation Sickness, it is cured by using Antirad.

Deliriumine[edit | edit source]

A psychosis-inducing toxin.

As the last harmful chemical in the list, it is of course the weirdest. Unlike all other chemicals that involve some sort of effect that slowly kills the target, this is the only one that does not kill the target. Instead requiring 2 chemicals to cure the target. 1 for the psychosis, and 1 for the Deliriumine poisoning

It has 2 uses, on use it gives the target Deliriumine poisoning, its cure being Deliriumine Antidote and Haloperidol for the psychoisis caused by deliriumine poisoning.