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Ballast Flora are a plant-like organism that can infect the submarine and leech power from junction boxes and batteries. A ballast flora infection may be contracted by passing through a colony of ballast flora spores (which are faintly visible on the sonar).

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Ballast flora hijack the submarines hatches, doors, and pumps to protect itself and harm players. It thrives when underwater.

Removing[edit | edit source]

Empty the ballast of water, turn off the pumps.

Rather than grenades, flamers or other devices which may threaten the integrity of your sub, all you need to remove Ballast Flora is a Plasma Cutter, held and directed at the source of the infection (the ballast pump where it originates). Bringing a diving mask and some spare oxygen for the Plasma Cutter is advised though, as the Flora will close any access hatch and flood the compartment in an effort to protect itself. It can also take quite a while to remove, just keep the Plasma Cutter active on the pump (there should be a spurting water animation if done correctly), hold for a minute, and the whole infection will disintegrate.

According to roadmap[1], can be killed with chemicals; however, this is not yet implemented as of v0.11.0.10.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ballast Flora was introduced in