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About the game

Barotrauma is a 2D multiplayer resource management game currently in development by Undertow Games. The game was released for free as a pre-alpha version on July 31st 2015, and has received regular updates since then. The game's source code can be found on GitHub.


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Barotrauma Source Code

Regalis - 2017/06/04 12:49

Today I have some important news for the players and modders of Barotrauma. The full source code of the game is now publicly available on GitHub! This doesn’t mean that Barotrauma is becoming an open source game in the “free and open-source software” sense. The intention is to give modders mor...

Netcode update

Regalis - 2017/05/31 16:57

As many of you may know, me and juanjp600 have been working on rewriting Barotrauma’s networking code for some time now (oh god, I just checked and it’s been 9 months, why does time have to go so fast). The old networking logic was so full of issues (trivial to hack, constant desync issues, exce...

Barotrauma has been Greenlit!

Regalis - 2017/02/28 17:54

  We did it! Less than two weeks on Steam Greenlight and Barotrauma has been greenlit! The amount of positive feedback (and votes of course) we’ve gotten during these weeks has been amazing, thank you so much for all the support! Here’s a look at the final stats:   Share...





Featured Article

The Endworm is a titanic, worm-like creature, named after its ability to "end" the lives of anybody who comes across it. It is the largest and most destructive creature in Europa's ocean. Endworms will primarily ignore any humans they comes across and will only directly assault submarines. Their mandibles can make short work of a ship's hull, but are remarkably weak against humans, inflicting surprisingly low damages to crew members despite their size. As the Endworm is the most dangerous creature in Barotrauma, players are advised to kill it at all costs. Simply fleeing the submarine in the worst-case scenario is also a viable option.