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This article is used as a general style guide for the whole wiki. A style guide is used as a template of sorts to dictate the layout and formatting of mainspace articles. Most, if not all articles should follow the layout presented here. If you have any comments or suggestions to help improve the style guide please discuss them on the talk page.

Of course not all articles are going to follow the style guide exactly and exceptions will be made as needed depending on the article in question.

Click on a tab to view their respective layout.

This chunk of the article is where the most important pieces of information come from. It should give the reader everything they need to know about the subject in question and should be created and written before any other element of the article is created. The first part of this area is the content lead, which appears at the very top of the page and right before the table of contents. It should be very brief, about a sentence or two, and should give a simple oversight as to what the article's subject is. When the article's primary subject is stated, it should be bolded in this section.

Function[edit source]

This section should give a brief overview of the entity in question. A basic overview of its primary function, uses, abilities, etc. A paragraph or two should suffice.

Usage[edit source]

This section should describe how to use the entity.

One thing to note is that depending on the article, it can have a Function section only, a Usage section only, or both. These are used in varying combinations based on the content of the article in question. For example, most item pages usually just have a Usage section as the amount of content they have tend to be too small to warrant splitting up into two sections.

Articles discussing creatures have their own specific layout to follow.

Description[edit source]

This part should give a brief overview of the creature's physical appearance, and possible behaviour should it apply. A paragraph should suffice.

In-game[edit source]

This section will describe the creature as it appears in-game, as well as how it functions and how it affects the player or the submarine if at all, avoid straying from official in-game depictions of the entity and do not make up a story or functions if they are not explicitly shown in-game.

Feel free to use as many paragraphs to express this section as needed, but avoid repeating information.

Extra Content Area[edit source]

These sections are considered supplementary to the article, but should be added if they apply nonetheless.

Damage Values[edit source]

Should the entity, be it from a projectile or from it itself exploding, inflict damage in any way, the information should be placed here. See Template:Damage table.

The following is an example of projectile damage.

Item Attack Damage
Bleeding Damage
Structure Damage
Damage Type
Stick to Entities?
Raw materials
50 Credits
Steel Bar
Attack Damage 20
Bleeding Damage 2
Structure Damage 50
Damage Type Blunt
Stick to Entities? Yes
Price 50
Raw materials Steel Bar
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}|}}

Next is an example of a table regarding explosion damage.

Item Attack Damage
Stun Damage
Kinematic Force
Explosion Radius
Oxygen Tank
Item Oxygen Tank
Attack Damage 20
Stun Damage 10
Kinematic Force 5.0
Explosion Radius 5
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}|}}

Data values for these tables should be pulled from the entity's .xml files. If you have no idea what those are then don't bother touching these sections.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Small tidbits of information which aren't important to the article but are interesting can be placed here.
  • Like this.

Gallery[edit source]

A gallery of images about the item can be placed here. Avoid adding redundant or duplicate images.

Infoboxes[edit source]

If the article is about something that is a sub-category of a larger element in Barotrauma (i.e. Items, Creatures, Installations, etc...), it should always have an infobox at the top of the page. The following is a showcase of various infoboxes on the wiki.

Items[edit source]

Manual of Style
Click to upload a new image.Dummy link
Type General Item
Item Cost Amount the item costs on the shop if applicable. Number is in Credits
Ammunition Ammo or fuel used should by the item should be placed here. If none then put N/A.
Skill Requirements
Weapons Required skill percentages should be placed here.
Insufficient Skill Handicap Place the weapon's handicap when operated without the required skill if applicable.
Constructible? Checkmark False.png
Deconstructible? Checkmark False.png

Installations[edit source]

Manual of Style
Click to upload a new image.Dummy link
Power Consumption Amount of power the installation consumes.kW
Repair Requirements
Mechanical Repairs
Mechanical Engineering Skill required to perform the repair goes here. In%
Items Needed Items needed to perform the repair go here.
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Engineering Skill required to perform the repair goes here. In%
Items Needed Items needed to perform the repair go here.