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Chemicals[edit | edit source]

Chemicals come in all shapes and forms in-game, from deadly poisons to stimulants. Most chemicals are made via the Medical Fabricator, although some can be obtained via deconstructing artifacts.

List of Chemicals[edit | edit source]

Chemical Effect Uses Amount Duration (Seconds) Notes
Bandage.png Bandage Reduces bleeding 4 0.1 5 Not actually a chemical. Heals health damage only if the target's health is above half.
Stabilozine.png Stabilozine Heals health and oxygen damage 4 0.3(same value for both type of damages) 10
Chlorine.png Chlorine Deals health damage 4 0.1 20
Ethanol.png Ethanol Intoxicates the player, slowing their movement 4 0.8 20
Aluminium.png Aluminium Deals health damage 4 5
Potassium.png Potassium Deals health damage 4 5 Explodes when in contact with water.
Chloral Hydrate.png Chloral Hydrate Deals health damage and stuns 4 5 10 (Stun time)
Phosphorus.png Phosphorus Deals health damage 4 5
Sulphuric Acid.png Sulphuric Acid Deals health damage 4 1 60
Uranium Powder.png Uranium Powder Deals bleed damage 4 0.1 60
Hyperzine.png Hyperzine Multiplies speed 4 1.5 60
Morbusine.png Morbusine Deals health damage 4 10 60
Chloromydride.png Chloromydride Heals health and reduces bleeding 4 0.2 (Bleeding)

1.0 (Health)

30 Rapidly removes bleeding and stabilizes oxygen intake while also counteracting critical damage to prevent death. No effect on poisoning.
Flash Powder.png Flash Powder Highly flammable Not actually a chemical. Explodes when fired from a syringe gun (Has to hit a wall or it wont explode).
Velonaceps Calyx Eggs.png Velonaceps Calyx Eggs Infects the player with an early stage of the Husk parasite 4
Calyxanide.png Calyxanide Cures the player of Husk infection, assuming they're not already too infected, in which case will deal damage to them. Deals damage to Husks 4 5 (On Husk)

3 (On Heavily Infected Player)

Instant (Curing infected)

10 (On Husk & Heavily Infected Player)

Morbusanide.png Morbusanide Cancels Morbusine damage 4 0.1
Liquid Oxygenite.png Liquid Oxygenite Replenishes oxygen at the cost of health 4 0.1 (Health) 10 (Oxygen) 60 explodes when dropped from high altitude
Sufforin.png Sufforin Deals delayed health & oxygen damage 4 5.0 (Oxygen)

0.5 (Health)

20 (Delay)

60 (Duration)

Nitroglycerin.png Nitroglycerin Highly explosive 4 300 (Health)

400 (Structure)