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Name Description
Wire Can be used to carry signals and power between items.
And Component If the two inputs receive a signal within a specific timeframe, the component sends a signal through the "signal_out" connector. The component also has a "set_output" connector, which can be used for setting the output signal to a desired value ("1" by default).
Or Component Same as the And Component, but the output signal is sent if either of the inputs receives a signal.
Not Component Has only one input and one output. If the component receives a signal "0", it sends out "1" through the output and vice versa.
Signal Check Component Compares the received signal with a specific string and outputs "1" if they are the same, otherwise outputs "0".
RegEx Find Component Similar to the signal check component, except that the signal is matched to a regular expression instead of a string.
Oxygen Detector Outputs a value from 0 to 100 depending on the air quality in the room.
Light Component Has two inputs: "toggle" and "set_state". Toggle turns the light on/off whenever it receives any signal other than "0", set_state turns the light off if it receives "0" and on if it receives any other signal.

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