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Game Mode

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In Barotrauma, a game mode is a format or method of playing. There currently exist three game modes: Campaign, Mission and SandBox.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

SandBox mode[edit | edit source]

A game mode with no specific objectives. It is exclusive to Multiplayer.

Mission mode[edit | edit source]

The crew must work together to complete a specific task, such as retrieving an alien artifact or killing a creature that's terrorizing nearby outposts. The game ends when the task is completed or everyone in the crew has died.

The players don't receive any rewards for completing the missions, and the game mode is instead a way to quickly get into the action.

There are currently four mission types available, each with a multitude of different objectives.

Salvage - Researchers of an Outpost have picked up an infrasonic signal highly similar to those emitted by alien artifacts previously discovered on Europa. Investigate the signal and retrieve the potential artifact.

Monster - Typical monster missions include things like taking down medium and large creatures, or swarms of smaller ones.

Cargo - Cargo missions are delivery runs between Europan Outposts. You can deliver things such as building materials to help construct new outposts, medical supplies, weapon materials, dangerous chemicals, explosive compounds, clown staches for the HonkMother's syndicate, and even infectious parasitic eggs for researchers!

Combat - The Coalition and Renegades participate in submarine battles.

It is exclusive to Multiplayer.

Campaign mode[edit | edit source]

Main article: Campaign

Embark on a journey through the depths of Europa. Travel from location to location, complete missions to earn money for supplies, discover new biomes—and perhaps eventually uncover the secrets of Europa.

This is the only gamemode available in singleplayer, but it can be played in multiplayer too.

Upon starting a campaign, the player (or admin) chooses a submarine that will be used for the campaign. The submarine can be changed afterwards.

The player will then be taken into an explorable Colony and may begin their journey from there.

Other Conditions[edit | edit source]

Traitors[edit | edit source]

See: Traitor

Traitors is a special function in multiplayer. When enabled, a player will be randomly selected as the traitor. They will be tasked with various objectives a few minutes after the game starts. Usually, traitors start with searching for a specific item in a vent, locker or a supply cabinet. Once the item is obtained, the traitor will be given further instructions. These instructions could be to sabotage of specific installations, assassinate a specific crew member, and more.