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A piece of Jobgear, as the category name suggests, is an equippable item given to a player upon spawn, depending on their current job. Jobgear items are usually divided into three slots in the player's inventory, represented by a featureless figure. The uppermost slot is for headgear or helmets, the middle section is for a suit, and the lowermost part is for footwear.

Security Officer Ballistic Helmet.pngBallistic HelmetBody Armor.pngBody ArmorStun Baton.pngStun BatonHandcuffs.pngHandcuffs
Captain Captain's Cap.pngCaptain's CapCaptain's Jacket.pngCaptain's JacketCaptain's Trousers.pngCaptain's TrousersRevolver.pngRevolver
Clown Clown Mask.pngClown MaskClown Costume.pngClown CostumeBike Horn.pngBike Horn
Engineer Jumpsuit.pngJumpsuitWrench.pngWrenchScrewdriver.pngScrewdriver
Mechanic Jumpsuit.pngJumpsuitCrowbar.pngCrowbarWrench.pngWrenchScrewdriver.pngScrewdriver
Assistant Wrench.pngWrenchScrewdriver.pngScrewdriver
Medical Doctor Doctor's Coat.pngDoctor's CoatDoctor's Trousers.pngDoctor's TrousersHealth Scanner HUD.pngHealth Scanner HUDMedical Syringe.pngMedical Syringe


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