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Clown Ensemble

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It was an attempt to lighten the mood and help the crew cope in a high-stress environment. The experiment wasn't as successful as the higher-ups had hoped and now all there is left to remind of it are the few blood-stained clown costumes laying around in some remote corners of some of the subs.
~ Regalis when asked what the in-universe purpose of the clown gear was.[1]
Clown Ensemble
Clown Ensemble.png
Type Gear
Item Cost Not Purchasable
Ammunition N/A
Constructible? Checkmark False.png
Deconstructible? Checkmark False.png

The Clown Ensemble is a set of clothes that can be acquired in Barotrauma. It is divided into two different pieces of clothing: the Clown Costume and the Clown Mask, and is usually associated with the Bike Horn.

While the Clown Costume is purely cosmetic, the Clown Mask can also be used to hide someone's identity.

Wearing the outfit will usually arouse suspicion and distrust among command and security personnel. It is wise to be careful while it is in your (or others!) possession as it is associated with traitorous acts and general mischief.

Wearing the clown mask while playing the guitar will play an unique music.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Clown Ensemble is in all likelihood included as a nod to the Clown job on Space Station 13, as Barotrauma is greatly inspired by this game.
  • Getting shot while wearing the Clown Ensemble plays a sound that of a clown nose honking.
  • Using the guitar while wearing the Clown Ensemble makes the character play the circus theme.
  • Many of the default submarines contain the clown costume or bike horn hidden throughout the ship as well as many other steam workshop subs. Of the 7 main submarines, 5 contain pieces of the clown ensemble:
- on the Humpback, the clown suit, mask, and bike horn can be found inside the left ballast.
- on the Orca, a bike horn can be found inside the lockers in the crew cabins.
- on the Remora, a clown mask can be found inside the lockers in the crew cabins.
- on the Typhon, a clown suit, mask, and horn can be found inside the lockers in the crew cabins.
- on the Berilia, a clown suit, mask, and horn can be found in a room to the right of the upper junction boxes. The keycard to access the room can be found in the left-most ballast.
- on the Kastrull, a clown suit can be found in the eastern crew quarters, in a locker.

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