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Health 100
Swimming Speed 2
Walking Speed 2
Armored? Yes
Weakpoint(s) Underside
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The Crawler is a creature somewhat resembling human-sized crayfishes. They commonly manifest around the ocean in Barotrauma.

Description[edit | edit source]

Crawlers are fairly small and agile, able to swim as well as they can walk. They possess three pairs of eyes, three legs, and two frontal pincers. They are mainly black and red in color.

Crawlers have a segmented shell covering them from head to tail, making hitting them from above an inefficient way of dealing with them. Damage from this angle are reduced to 1/30th if directed at the head or 1/20th if directed at the rest of the body.

Crawlers tend to appear in small groups of 2-3 individuals, compensating their individual frailty.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Due to their size, Crawlers can not do much damage to the hull of the submarine, but their size allows them to easily fit inside and move around the ship. Should they find a way in; they then become a danger to the crew.

Unfortunately, the small size and the rapidity of the Crawler makes it difficult to aim at their underbelly; close range weaponry is the best bet to accomplish such a feat. Splash type weapons such as Incendium Grenades can also be effective at medium range.

Crawlers can neither open doors nor claw their way out, so quarantining a section of the submarine where a Crawler has been seen is a viable, if suboptimal, way to deal with it.

Upon killing a human (or simply finding a human corpse) the Crawler will begin to consume the body.

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Bleeding Damage
Structure Damage
Stun Damage
Damage Type
Attack Duration
Pincer 30
0.5 Seconds
5 Seconds
Item Pincer
Attack Damage 30
Bleeding Damage 3
Structure Damage 50
Stun Damage 0.1
Damage Type Slash
Attack Duration 0.5 Seconds
Cooldown 5 Seconds|}}

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Crawlers share their sound files with Mantises.