Diving Suit

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Diving Suit
Diving Suit.png
Type Gear
Equipment Oxygen Tank
Cost 200 Credits

The diving suit is a full-body suit that can be acquired in Barotrauma.

Function[edit | edit source]

Diving suits let the player use a breathing apparatus while underwater, such as an Oxygen Tank. In addition, the gear also protects the player from the ocean's water pressure, allowing them to swim outside of the submarine without getting crushed. Players wearing the suit are also immune to fire damage.

Players wearing diving suits will move slower and have limited vision compared to those without them. The added weight also makes it harder to climb ladders. An oxygen providing item is necessary to use the suit, either an Oxygen Tank or an Oxygenite Shard. If the player equips the suit without one of these items placed inside the suit, they will quickly suffocate.

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