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Docking Hatch
Docking Hatch.png
Category Machines
Docking Port
Docking Port.png
Category Machines

The Docking Port and Docking Hatch are Installation used to dock two submarines together. The Docking Hatch connects to another Docking Hatch vertically, and the Docking Port connects to another Docking Port horizontally.

Function[edit | edit source]

When 2 docking ports are docked to each other, air, water, items, power, and creatures can move between subs through the docking port.

A Docking Hatch is required to dock with an outpost as Outposts only have a Docking Hatch.

Usage[edit | edit source]

When docked, the ports will:

  • transfer power between each other.
  • create a dynamic hull between the two installations. This hull protects the area from the sea.

Connection Panel[edit | edit source]

Hover over pins to see their descriptions.

Connection panel for Docking Port
Connection Port.png Toggle_State
Connection Port.png Set_State
Connection Port.png Power
Docks/Undocks when a signal of 1 is supplied.
Sets the state of the docking port (1=dock, 0=undock)
Transfers power between wires connected to the pin.
State_Out Connection Port.png
Proximity_Sensor Connection Port.png
Sends the current state of the docking port (1=docked, 0=undocked)
Outputs a signal of 1 when within docking range docking port.

Audio[edit | edit source]