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Repair Requirements
Mechanical Repairs
Mechanical Engineering 40%
Items Needed Welding Tool.pngWelding Tool or Wrench.pngWrench
Repair Requirements
Mechanical Repairs
Mechanical Engineering 40%
Items Needed Welding Tool.pngWelding Tool or Wrench.pngWrench

Doors and hatches are installations allowing to close off sections of the submarine.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Most doors and hatches are assigned a button allowing anyone to open or close them, but some require clearance to be opened, which is provided by possessing the appropriate ID Card in one's inventory. Typically, the captain's command room and armory are protected this way.

Both prevent passage when closed, and are thus used to contain flooding and creatures in case of breach hulls, and to keep suspicious individuals out of sensitive areas. Closed doors can be forced open with a crowbar or destroyed with a Plasma Cutter to allow passage in emergency situations.

Doors and hatches can also be welded shut with a Welding Tool, in which case they can no longer be opened with external signals nor the Crowbar, and must be unwelded with a Plasma Cutter. However, creatures damage welded doors at the same rate as non-welded doors.

Doors and hatches send out an output signal when opened and do not when closed. This can be used to make fail-safes and airlocks in turn giving more survivability to a ship.

Connection Panel[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Doors
Connection Port.png toggle
Connection Port.png set_state
Connection Port.png state_out
Toggles when the door opens or close.
Keeps door open or closed depending on the signal value.
Sends a signal of 0 if the door its closed and 1 if the door its open.

Docking Hatch[edit | edit source]

The Docking Hatch creates a secure airlock between two entities that players can pass between. It can connect the Submarine to other entities like Outposts and Shuttles. Both entities must have a Docking Hatch for a connection to be made. When the connection is not active, water can freely flow in the Docking Hatch, so it's imperative that a standard hatch is also part of the setup and configured to close when the Docking Hatch is not connected to another ship or structure. There is a prefab in the Submarine Editor to handle the wiring for this.

The Docking Hatch also includes a Power connector which acts similarly to a Junction Box power connection in that it relays power between the two connected entities. You should make sure your Docking Hatch's power is connected to your grid so it can benefit from the free power provided by Outposts. Outposts seem to regulate power consumption perfectly so you can take all the juice for charging batteries and running fabricators without worrying about overloads and your Reactor can be shutdown to save fuel.

Gallery[edit | edit source]