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An opened door.
A hatch.

Power Consumption N/A
Repair Requirements
Mechanical Repairs
Construction 40%
Items Needed Welding Tool

Doors are installations allowing to close off sections of the submarine.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Most doors are assigned a button allowing anyone to open or close them, but some require clearance to be opened, which is provided by possessing the appropriate ID Card in one's inventory. Typically, the captain's cabin and private quarters (when they exist) are protected this way.

Doors prevents passage when closed, and are thus used to contain flooding and creatures in case of breach hulls, and to keep suspicious individuals out of sensitive areas.

Doors send out an input when closed and do not when open. This can be used to make failsafe and airlocks in turn giving more suitability to a ship.

I/O Interface[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Doors
Closes/opens the door when any signal is received.
Closes the door when a signal "0" is received and opens it whenever any other signal is received.
Sends out "0" if the door is closed and "1" if it is open.

Gallery[edit | edit source]