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Health 10,000
Swimming Speed 2
Walking Speed 2

The Endworm is a titanic, worm-like creature, named after its ability to "end" the lives of anybody who comes across it. It is the largest and most destructive creature in Europa's ocean.

Description[edit | edit source]

Endworms are rust-colored bristle-worms that are about the size of the average submarine. They are primarily brown in color with a select few limbs being copper.

The Endworms' bodies are covered in limbs that allow them to propel themselves through water. The head of an Endworm is pale and round, its only traits being 5 pairs of tusks-like teeth and an impressive pair of articulated mandibles, the main weapon of the creature. While these tools are tremendously destructive, they are too clumsy to reliably crush something as comparatively small as a human: the Endworm only target large prey, such as the submarine.

Endworms emit deep, rumbling sounds by unknown means, their low-pitch reflecting the size of what they originate from.

Endworms are solitary creatures, and never travel in groups.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Endworms will primarily ignore any humans they comes across and will only go after submarines. Their mandibles can make short work of a ship's hull, but are remarkably weak against humans: inflicting relatively low damages to crew members. They can stun people for 5 seconds, which can have drastic consequences during an attack.

Endworms cannot be inflicted with bleeding, adding to their incredible resilience.

When fighting an Endworm, it is recommended to use the most efficient weapons at one's disposal. A Railgun loaded with several nuclear shells is the most effective way of dealing with it. Maintaining distance from the Endworm is essential to killing it, as it can very quickly incapacitate the submarine. Fleeing it is also a viable option as it cannot match the ship's speed.

Since an Endworm will never target a player, the only way to be directly damaged by it is to collide with the mandibles. Because of this, simply fleeing the submarine in the worst-case scenario is also a viable option, however it is imperative that the crew does not attempt this in the abyss.

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Structure Damage
Stun Damage
Damage Type
Attack Duration
Mandibles 30
0.5 Seconds
Item Mandibles
Attack Damage 30
Structure Damage 500
Stun Damage 5
Damage Type Slash
Attack Duration 0.5 Seconds
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}|}}

Gallery[edit | edit source]