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Explosives are a group of items that can explode. They are to be handled with great care. They can be detonated through various means: detonation (detonator, weapon shells), physical shock (if thrown, impacted, or in a weapon shell), water, or fire, or simply self deterioration.

Storage[edit | edit source]

While explosives are dangerous, they can be safely stored safer. Loose explosives are at risk at being detonated from hard impacts. Some containers are waterproof, it is recommended to store water reactive materials in those when not in use. There is no protection against fire.

Crafted[edit | edit source]

These items are all water-safe.

Item Crafting Method of Detonation Range (m) Damage Notes
Detonation Hard Impact Fire Burn Lacerations Structure Stun
Flash Powder.pngFlash Powder Potassium.pngPotassium


YES YES YES 5.0 5 3 0 3
UEX.pngUEX Sodium.pngSodium


YES NO YES 8.0 50 25 150 5
C-4 Block.pngC-4 Block UEX.pngUEX


YES NO NO 5.0 150 50 250 5
IC-4 Block.pngIC-4 Block C-4 Block.pngC-4 Block

Incendium Bar.pngIncendium Bar

YES NO YES 5.0 200 50 50 5 Creates Fire
Compound N.pngCompound N Aluminum.pngAluminium


Sulphuric Acid.pngSulphuric Acid

YES NO YES 6.0 250 150 50 5
Volatile Compound N.pngVolatile Compound N Compound N.pngCompound N

Flash Powder.pngFlash Powder

YES NO YES 6.0 250 50 150 5 Deteriorates at a rate of 3.5%/second, explodes when fully deteriorated.
Welding Fuel Tank.pngWelding Fuel Tank Aluminum.pngAluminum


NO NO YES 2.5 25 5 15 3 Used as fuel for Welding Tanks and Flamers
Oxygen Tank.pngOxygen Tank Aluminum.pngAluminum NO NO YES 2.5 5 5 10 3 Used as fuel for Diving Masks, Diving Suits, and Plasma Cutters

Grenades[edit | edit source]

These are hand thrown explosives that will explode after a few seconds of being thrown. They can also be detonated via a detonator.

Item Crafting Range (m) Damage Notes
Affliction Burn.png Burn Affliction Lacerations.pngLacerations Affliction Bleeding.pngBleeding Affliction Deep Tissue Injury.png Deep Tissue Injury Structure Affliction Stun.png Stun
Frag Grenade.pngFrag Grenade Iron.pngIron


6 180 80 5 5
EMP Grenade.pngEMP Grenade Iron.pngIron



5 5 5 Deals 40 damage to installations.
Stun Grenade.pngStun Grenade Iron.pngIron


Flash Powder.pngFlash Powder

5 5 25
Incendium Grenade.pngIncendium Grenade Iron.pngIron

Incendium Bar.pngIncendium Bar

5 100 5 25 Sets the area on Fire.

Uncraftable[edit | edit source]

These items are not craftable, but may be acquired via deconstruction of other items or other means.

Item Source Method of Detonation Range (m) Damage Notes
Shock Fire Water Burn Lacerations Structure Stun
Oxygenite Shard.pngOxygenite Shard Alien YES NO NO 6.0 0 300 400 5 Can be thrown.
Liquid Oxygenite.pngLiquid Oxygenite Oxygenite Shard.pngOxygenite Shards YES NO NO 3.0 30 0 50 2 Ammo for Syringe Gun
Nitroglycerin.pngNitroglycerin Mission YES YES NO 6.0 100 200 100 5 Can be thrown.
Lithium.pngLithium Basic Material NO NO YES 2.5 20 0 10 3
Sodium.pngSodium Basic Material NO NO YES 2.5 20 0 10 3
Magnesium.pngMagnesium Basic Material NO NO YES 2.5 10 0 10 3
Potassium.pngPotassium Basic Material NO NO YES 2.5 20 0 10 3