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Husk Infection

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Affliction Husk Infection.png
Something dark and unpleasant moves in the mouth. They are rendered completely mute, save for occasional clicking sounds apparently emanating from deep within the throat.

Husk Infection can be caused by being bitten by a Husk or injected with Velonaceps Calyx Eggs.

A single bite/injection is enough to permanently infect a character, as the affliction progressively gets worse.

As the infection progresses, you will be prompted with messages about your state, the dormant stage of the infection has no adverse side effects, however, the medium stage of the affliction will make you unable to talk in chat (and possibly VOIP), and prevent all adverse effects of Barotrauma, allowing the Player to freely swim on the Europan Ocean without a Diving Suit. Later in the infection, a stinger-like appendage will fully grow in the Character's throat, and can be used to attack (middle mouse button, or [R]) and spread the infection to other Characters. At the last stage, the player will faint and have seizures while dying of internal damage, when the player dies it will rise back from death as an NPC Husk. A killed Husk does not revive a third time.

In the absence of a treatment, the dormant stage will last 133 seconds (up to 40 infection strength) and the middle stage will last another 200 seconds (reaching 100 infection strength), turning the target into a Husk 5 mn 33 seconds after the bite/injection.

The best known treatment for a husk infection is Calyxanide, albeit it's only effective during the dormant and medium stages of the infection. It will heal 40 infection strength in 10 seconds (or 20 in 20 seconds if the Medical skill is lower than 38), therefore several uses may be required to completely remove the infection. (doing so grants the player the "I am the cure" Achievement). If the infection strength wasn't brought down to 0, it will resume its progression once the treatment wears off. Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics also work if administered during the dormant phase, though they are ineffective during the medium stage [NOTE: as of v0.10.5.1, they actually work even during the medium stage]. They will heal 30 infection strength (or 15 if the Medical skill is lower than 25) in 60 seconds. Antibiotics also have the benefit of granting the patient temporary immunity to the Husk parasite and may therefore be injected pre-emptively.

Calyxanide won't help during the final stages, in which it only deals heavy damage to the infected character.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects Treatments Skill
Affliction Husk Infection.png
Husk Infection
NO NO Grows (+0.3/s) 40 - 100 Waterbreathing
Pressure immunity
Special infectious attack
Unable to chat/radio
Death at 100 strength
Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.pngBroad-spectrum Antibiotics 30 | 15 25
Calyxanide.pngCalyxanide 40 | 20 38

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