Light Component

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Light Component
Light Component.png
Type Electrical Component
Item Cost 99-137 Marks
Constructible? Checkmark True.png
Deconstructible? Checkmark True.png
Crafting Time 10
Deconstructing Time 10
Fabricator Skill Electrical Engineering 20
Fabricator Materials Phosphorus.pngPhosphorus

FPGA Circuit.pngFPGA Circuit

Deconstructor Materials Phosphorus.pngPhosphorus

FPGA Circuit.pngFPGA Circuit

The Light Component is an electrical component used to provide lighting, without using power.

It is most commonly used for showing the state of Installations or other Electrical items.

Hover over pins to see their descriptions

Connection panel for Light Component
Connection Port.png Toggle_State
Connection Port.png Set_State
Connection Port.png Set_Color
Toggles between on and off when a signal of 1 is supplied.
Sets current state of component to 1(on) or 0(off).
Sets the color of the light.
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