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Medical Fabricator

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Medical Fabricator
Medical Fabricator.png
Category Machine
Power Consumption 100kW
Item Slots 5 input and output slots

The Medical Fabricator is an installation which allows the crew to create different types of chemicals and medicines.

List of items[edit | edit source]

Item Materials Time (seconds) Medical Level Effect
Medical Syringe.png Medical Syringe Steel Bar.png Steel Bar 10 0
Chloral Hydrate.png Chloral Hydrate Chlorine.png Chlorine

Ethanol.png Ethanol

20 30 Does health damage and stuns
Compound N.png Compound N Aluminium.png Aluminium

Potassium.png Potassium

Sulphuric Acid.png Sulphuric Acid

20 60
Volatile Compound N.png Volatile Compound N Compound N.png Compound N

Flash Powder.png Flash Powder

20 40
Corrigodone.png Corrigodone Stabilozine.png Stabilozine

Chloral Hydrate Chloral Hydrate

20 50 Heals health damage
Erythrozine.png Erythrozine Stabilozine.png Stabilozine

Iron Powder.png Iron Powder

20 50 Heals oxygen damage
Fibrinozine.png Fibrinozine Stabilozine.png Stabilozine

Phosphorus.png Phosphorus

20 50 Reduces bleeding
Chloromydride.png Chloromydride Stabilozine.png Stabilozine

Erythrozine.png Erythrozine

Chloral Hydrate.png Chloral Hydrate

20 50 Heals health and reduces bleeding
Flash Powder.png Flash Powder Aluminium.png Aluminium

Potassium.png Potassium

25 40
Auxiliorizine.png Auxiliorizine Corrigodone.png Corrigodone

Erythrozine.png Erythrozine

Flash Powder.png Flash Powder

25 60 Heals health and oxygen damage, reduces bleeding
Hyperzine.png Hyperzine Phosphorus.png Phosphorus

Uranium Powder.png Uranium Powder

25 60 Multiplies speed
Morbusine.png Morbusine Sulphuric Acid.png Sulphuric Acid

Auxiliorizine.png Auxiliorizine

30 60 Deals health damage
Morbusine Antidote.png Morbusanide Morbusine.png Morbusine 25% Condition

Stabilozine.png Stabilozine 25% Condition

10 60 Cancels Morbusine damage
Calyxanide.png Calyxanide Velonaceps Calyx Eggs.png Velonaceps Calyx Eggs

Corrigodone.png Corrigodone

30 60 Cures player of husk infection
Sufforin.png Sufforin Erythrozine.png Erythrozine

Flash Powder.png Flash Powder

Sulphuric Acid.png Sulphuric Acid

30 60 Deals delayed health & oxygen damage