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Medical Items are items used to treat and cure different types of negative Afflictions.

All medical items except Saline.pngSaline, and the Blood Pack.pngBlood Pack can be used without the Health GUI. By holding the "Aim" keybind (Left Mouse Button by default) and pressing the "Shoot" keybind (Right Mouse Button by default), the player's character will then swing the item and inflict its effects.

All medical items can also be used through the Health GUI, by pressing the "Health" keybind (H by default) on a player or themselves opens the Health GUI. Then any medical item can be drag and dropped onto a limb or the drop circle.

List of Medical Items[edit | edit source]

Item Usage Crafting Store
Description Afflictions Uses Duration (Seconds) Medical Level Components Craft time (seconds) Medical Level
Bandage.png Bandage icon.png
Treats Bleed wounds and Burns, can also be used to craft Plastiseal.pngPlastiseal. Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding (-9%/s | -6%/s)*
Affliction Burn.png Burn (-15%/s | -10%/s)*
3 1 10 Organic Fiber.pngOrganic Fiber 60 5 10-40 (5)*
Plastiseal.png Plastiseal icon.png
Treats Bleed wounds and Burns over time. Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding (-7%/s | -6%/s)*
Affliction Burn.png Burn (-7%/s | -6%/s)*
4 5 36 Bandage.pngBandage
60 16 30-60 (5)*
Treats Bloodloss, can also be used to craft Blood Pack.pngBlood Packs. Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss (-6%/s | -3%/s)* 4 | 1 5 20 Sodium.pngSodium
60 14 20-50 (5)*
Blood Pack.png
Blood Pack
Treats Bloodloss over time. Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss (-8%/s | -4%/s)* 2 | 1 15 72 Alien Blood.pngAlien Blood
Stabilozine icon.pngStabilozine
60 31 120-160 (5)*
Tonic Liquid.png
Tonic Liquid
Gives user a buff duration multiplier (Slow Metabolism) of 150% that slowly becomes less effective over time, while also treating Internal Damage. Affliction Slow Metabolism.png Slow Metabolism (300% | 100%)*
Affliction Internal Damage.png Internal Damage (-0.5%/s | -0.25%/s)*
2 | 1 10 72 Calcium.pngCalcium
90 45 50-75 (4)*
Antibiotic Glue.png
Antibiotic Glue
Treats Bleed wounds and Burns over time, can also be used to craft Deusizine icon.pngDeusizine. Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding (-2%/s | -1%/s)*
Affliction Burn.png Burn (-2%/s | -1%/s)*
5 | 2 20 81 Stabilozine icon.pngStabilozine
Broad-spectrum Antibiotics icon.pngBroad-spectrum Antibiotics
60 48 20-60 (5)*