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850 (1,000 boss)





Armored Points







Only to Sound emitters

Can Enter Submarine?







Hydroxyapatite (x2), Brockite (x1)

Hydroxyapatite (x1), Brockite (x1), Moloch Shell Fragment (x1)





The Moloch is a large jellyfish-like creature that manifests in Barotrauma.

Description[edit | edit source]

Molochs possess three elongated tentacles, it moves by inflating and deflating its innards, although it makes them poor at walking on dry ground. Their shell is primarily pearl blue in color, with an oily sheen, and their legs take on a more whitish blue appearance.

Molochs have poor eyesight, instead using the sensory tendrils which line the ventral side of its head to navigate the ocean. They emit strikingly tuneful notes, stronger higher in tone when the creature attacks. Some of their vocalization extends in the infrasonic range.

The Moloch's shell acts as both its defensive and offensive capabilities. The shell protects their soft innards and will absorb the majority of damage inflicted to it (1/10th of the damage). It is also the Moloch's only method of attack, using the shell to ram into its targets.

They are ponderous, but their mass alone allows them to easily inflict heavy damage on a submarine by simply colliding with it.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Impact with a Moloch, or even just a corpse thereof, is especially damaging to the submarine's hull and will easily punch holes in it, causing flooding. Consequently, the Moloch presents the most danger either when the submarine is sinking or stationary.

Molochs will not focus on any humans they encounter, and will deliberately attempt to ram the submarine. However, a crew member getting hit by the impact of their shell will still mortally wound them, making it a recommended strategy to keep crew members away from parts of the ship being attacked by Molochs. Despite their persistence to sink the submarine, they tend to be unable to match the speed of it, which makes fleeing a viable option.

Since the shell of a Moloch significantly reduces the efficiency of attacks from above, it is strongly recommended to shoot them from beneath for maximum efficiency. A Railgun will take three to four shots to kill it. If a player manages to shoot it under its shell, it will usually be an instant-kill. If not, shooting it again will kill it.

Another option is to kill Moloch using stealth and poisons. As long as Moloch is unaware of sub location you can easily get close to it and apply Cyanide/Radiotoxin. Keep in mind that Cyanide will stun Moloch and burn only 10% of it's hp, so you'll have to finish Moloch using weapons. It will take a while to stun Moloch. On other hand Radiotoxin is able to kill Moloch but will not stun it. In both cases Moloch will ignore players.

Molochs cannot be inflicted with bleeding.

Molochs are sometimes found instead of an artifact at the end of salvage missions in Mission Mode or Campaign, as they emit the same kind of infrasonic signals. Killing the misleading creature will still be considered a success.

Moloch Pupa emit a very loud noise when threatened, usually summoning the mother moloch to defend her young

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Kinematic Force
Damage Type
Attack Duration
Head 200
0.2 Seconds
15 Seconds
Item Head
Attack Damage 200|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}
Kinematic Force 400|}}|}}|}}|}}
Damage Type Blunt|}}|}}|}}|}}
Attack Duration 0.2 Seconds|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}
Cooldown 15 Seconds|}}|}}|}}

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before version, Molochs were unable to damage players, but tried to regardless. This resulted in the popularity of a 'rush' strategy to deal with them: divers would swim to the Moloch and strike it with the least efficient weapon, distracting the creature from the comparatively vulnerable submarine and slowly wearing out the monster. The issue was fixed in, and the strategy abandoned.
  • Interestingly, the Moloch's code doesn't include direct damage values against structures, instead transferring kinetic energies to yield the same result and create hull breaches.
  • Molochs bear a resemblance to the extinct Dollocaris as it has a similar body plan, and may have been based on them.
  • Black Molochs when nearby the sub cause the navigation terminal to display heat as if there are volcanos attacking you

Audio[edit | edit source]