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Navigation Terminal

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Navigation Terminal
Navigation Terminal.png
Category Machine
Power Consumption 100kW

The Navigation Terminal is an installation in Barotrauma. It is an essential installation in any submarine, as it allows the crew to steer the submarine.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Using the Navigation Terminal will show its GUI, it displays an outline of the submarine and a reticle to steer the submarine.

The sonar can either be passive or active:

While active the submarine will send a sonar ping in a 360 degree arc, anything it bounces off will be displayed on the GUI. Another option while active is Directional Ping, if enabled the submarine will send sonar pings in 30 degree arcs in the selected direction instead.

While passive instead of sending out sonar pings, the Navigation Terminal will scan for sound signatures, they can be generated by the submarine itself (nuclear reactor, engines) or underwater Creatures. Similarly to active sonar, these sound signatures will bounce off of their surroundings and are displayed on the GUI, the range of passive sonar is dependent on how loud the submarine is.

Connection Panel[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Navigation Terminal
Connection Port.png power_in
Connection Port.png transducer_in
Connection Port.png velocity_in
Connecting a power source to this input will supply the Navigation Terminal with power.
Generates sonar. Must be set to use this.
velocity_x_out Connection Port.png
velocity_y_out Connection Port.png
signal_out_1 Connection Port.png
signal_out_1 Connection Port.png
signal_out_1 Connection Port.png
toggle_docking Connection Port.png
Connecting the engines to this output will allow the Navigation Terminal to control the engines thrust, allowing the submarine to move horizontally.
Connecting the ballast pumps to this output will allow the Navigation Terminal to control the how much the ballast is filled, allowing the submarine to move vertically.

Audio[edit | edit source]