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Nuclear Reactor

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Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Reactor.png
Category Machines
Item Slots 5 rod slots
Repair Requirements
Mechanical Repairs
Construction 40%
Items Needed Welding Tool, Wrench
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Engineering 40%
Items Needed Screwdriver, Wire

The nuclear reactor is the most crucial installation found in Barotrauma. It acts as the submarine's sole power source for all installations.

Function[edit | edit source]

The nuclear reactor's only function is to generate power for every other electronic on the submarine. So long as the reactor is active, every other device on the ship will remain active as well. Power generated by the reactor is sent to other installations via wiring. This is often used in association with Junction Boxes to transfer power to the rest of the sub. Because of this, maintaining the reactor is arguably the game's primary objective, as without it the ship is incapable of functioning and traversing the ocean.

The nuclear reactor undergoes a process called nuclear fission, in which atoms are split apart, cause large amounts of energy to be released. The rate at which these reactions take place is measure by the fission rate. The resulting reaction also causes heat to be release that will raise the overall temperature of the reactor. If the temperature ever raises past 10,000 centigrade, the reactor will explode, causing a meltdown that will destroy nearby structures, kill any personnel who are close by and effectively destroy the submarine. Because of this, the cooling and fission rates must be adjusted to keep the temperature at a desired level - which is usually the same as the amount of power consumed by the electrical grid of the submarine.

A fuel rod is required for the nuclear reactor to function since, as its name suggests, supplies the reactor with fuel. The reactor can hold a combine total of five rods, but placing more than one fuel rod into the reactor at a time will force the fission rate to 100%, which could eventually cause the reactor to explode.

If the reactor is submerged in water, it will fail to run until the water drains from the reactor room. In the case that the reactor is needed to stay on in case of an extreme emergency, and it is submerged, three fuel rods can be used to power it even while submerged. This can be vital in an emergency situation where repairing a flooded ship is necessary in completing your objectives.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The nuclear reactor's control panel.

When the nuclear reactor is selected, a control panel opens up. The panel displays three line graphs: each representing the temperature and grid load, fission rate and cooling rate respectively.

In this control panel, the player can manually set the fission rate and cooling rate of the nuclear reactor. Caution is advised when doing this because if the fission rate is set to a number higher than the amount of power the electrical grid is consuming, the voltage of the grid will be raised causing damage to any electrical device connected to the reactor. Damaged devices require crew members with high electrical engineering skill to repair them.

Enabling the "Automatic Temperature Control" mode causes the reactor to automatically, albeit slowly, adjust its fission and cooling rates to maintain them at the same temperature as the grid load. The "Shutdown Temperature" field allows the player to input a hard limit as to how high the temperature can raise to; if the temperature surpasses the given limit then the reactor automatically shuts itself down.

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Structure Damage
Stun Damage
Kinematic Force
Explosion Radius
Reactor Meltdown 500
Item Reactor Meltdown
Attack Damage 500
Structure Damage 600
Stun Damage 5
Kinematic Force 5.0
Explosion Radius 6
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}|}}

I/O Interface[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Nuclear Reactor
When it receives any signal puts fission rate at 0%, cooling rate at 100% and deactivates temperature auto control.
Any devices that are wired to this output will draw their power from the reactor.
Sends out the reactor's current temperature.
Will send out a signal when the reactor is about to melt down.

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