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Opiate Afflictions

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Usage of Opiates, namely Opium, Morphine and Fentanyl, may incur an Opiate Addiction, which in turn, if unsatisfied, will cause Opiate Withdrawal. Overuse of Opiates in a short amount of time may cause Opiate Overdose.

Opiate Withdrawal

Affliction Opiate Withdrawal.png
Agitation and a tremor are obvious, as are the signs of nausea.
The Opiate Withdrawal affliction has detrimental effects for the character's movement, communication and perception, progressively worse depending on the severity of the affliction; a player will enter opiate withdrawal if they were suffering from Opiate Overdose and were not given opiates (Fentanyl, Opium or Morphine). Its effects include: lowered max vitality (which can outright kill the character, if the affliction is severe enough), lowered speed, a visually distorted screen, strange colors and speech impairment.

Opiate Overdose

Affliction Opiate Overdose.png
The patient has pinpoint pupils and icy cold skin. They struggle to breathe and swallow.
The Opiate Overdose affliction appears when a player has been treated with too many opiates; minor overdoses cause small distortions of the screen, while more severe overdoses will greatly distort the screen and progressively kill the player by lowering their maximum vitality. Opiate overdose will slowly decay over time.

Opiate Addiction

Affliction Opiate Addiction.png
The patient is happy enough... so long as they get what they need.
The Opiate Addiction affliction appears when a character has been given high doses of opiates, namely Opium, Morphine or Fentanyl. This affliction's only effect is to cause one of the other two opiate afflictions depending on how the Player decides to deal with it; Opiate Withdrawal if they consume neither Naloxone nor additional opiates; Opiate Overdose if they consume high doses of opiates.
Fully recovering from an Opiate Addiction grants the Player the "Getting Clean" achievement. Opiate Addiction will slowly decay over time.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects Treatments Skill
Affliction Opiate Withdrawal.png
Opiate Withdrawal
NO NO Decays (-0.05/s) 20 - 40 Orders healandrescue.png -0 → -20 vitality |?|
-20% speed
Naloxone.pngNaloxone 60 | 30
Decays (-0.1/s) 40 - 80 Orders healandrescue.png -20 → -50 vitality |?|
-30% speed
Decays (-0.2/s) 80 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -50 → -200 vitality |?|
-50% speed
Affliction Opiate Overdose.png
Opiate Overdose
NO NO Decays (-0.5/s) 0 - 50 Slight screen distortion
50 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -0 → -200 vitality |?|
-50% speed
Affliction Opiate Addiction.png
Opiate Addiction
NO NO Decays (-0.05/s) 20 - 40 Affliction Opiate Withdrawal.png +0.1 Opiate Withdrawal per second
Decays (-0.1/s) 40 - 80 Affliction Opiate Withdrawal.png +0.25 Opiate Withdrawal per second
80 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -0 → -20 vitality |?|
Affliction Opiate Withdrawal.png +0.5 Opiate Withdrawal per second

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