Oxygen Generator

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Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Generator.png
Category Machines
Power Consumption 1000kW
Item Slots 5 tank slots
Oxygen Amount Generated 100
Repair Requirements
Mechanical Repairs
Construction 30%
Items Needed Welding Tool, Wrench
Category Machines

The Oxygen Generator is an installation found in Barotrauma. It is used in junction with vents to supply the submarine with oxygen.

Function[edit | edit source]

The oxygen generator is used to pump and maintain airflow throughout the entire submarine. The way airflow is pumped from the oxygen generator into the rest of the submarine is through vents. Vents will supply any nearby area with oxygen, so long as the generator is active.

In the event that the generator loses power, the airflow will stop and any crew members onboard will suffocate. It is possible to remain alive after the generator stops if the player has an Oxygen Tank attached to a Diving Mask or Diving Suit. Although this method will only stall the suffocation, it can be used to provide the player enough time to re-active the generator.

The oxygen generator can also be used to refill oxygen tanks. It can refill up to a max of five at the same time.

I/O Interface[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Oxygen Generator
Connecting a power source to this input will supply the oxygen generator with power.