Oxygen Tank

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Oxygen Tank
Oxygen Tank.png
Type General Item
Ammunition N/A
Cost 50 Credits
Raw materials
Constructible? Yes
Deconstructible? Yes
Materials Steel Bar.png Steel Bar

The Oxygen Tank is a depletable item that can be used in Barotrauma.

Function[edit | edit source]

Oxygen tanks are mainly used as an air source when diving underwater. It can be attached to a Diving Suit or Diving Mask to provide the player with oxygen when submerged. They also act as a fuel source for Plasma Cutters.

Oxygen tanks can be refilled when placed inside an Oxygen Generator. It can refill a maximum of five tanks at the same time.

When an oxygen tank comes into contact with fire, it explodes.

A full tank lasts for 3 minutes and 20 seconds in the diving mask and diving suit.

Usage[edit | edit source]

When inside an inventory, the oxygen tank can be dragged onto a diving mask, diving suit, or plasma cutter to attach it to the respective item.

While either underwater or using a plasma cutter, the oxygen tank's fuel will slowly be consumed. Viewing the tank inside the inventory will display a meter indicating how much fuel is left. When using it as a breathing apparatus, should the tank fully deplete, a blue meter will appear above the player, displaying how much air they have left before they suffocate.

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Structure Damage
Stun Damage
Kinematic Force
Explosion Radius
Oxygen Tank, exploding 200
Item Oxygen Tank, exploding
Attack Damage 200
Structure Damage 100
Stun Damage 5
Kinematic Force 3
Explosion Radius 500
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