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This Article is about Outdoor Plants. For the Indoor Variety, see Gardening

Plants are organic items that spawn randomly throughout Europa's oceans. Once harvested and hauled back to the submarine they can be deconstructed into Crafting Materials and Chemicals.

Plants are harvested by hand, and take 5 seconds to harvest.

List of Plants[edit | edit source]

Plant Deconstruct Components Description Frequency
Aquatic Poppy.png
Aquatic Poppy
Opium x3
A plant containing Opium. 10
Sea Yeast Shroom.png
Sea Yeast Shroom
Ethanol x3
A plant containing Ethanol. 10
Fiber Plant.png
Fiber Plant
Organic Fiber.png
Organic Fiber x3
A plant containing Organic Fiber. 8
Elastin Plant.png
Elastin Plant
Elastin x3
A plant containing Elastin. 8
Slime Bacteria.png
Slime Bacteria
Broad-spectrum Antibiotics icon.png
Broad-spectrum Antibiotics x3
A plant containing Antibiotics. 2