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Category Machines
Power Consumption 300kW
Max Pump Speed 500
Small Pump
Small Pump.png
Category Machines
Power Consumption 60kW
Max Pump Speed 100

The pump is an installation found in Barotrauma. It is used to pump water either out of or into the submarine.

Function[edit | edit source]

The pump's primary function is to filter water in its given area. By pressing E on the pump, a small menu will appear in which the player is able to modify both the direction the water is being pumped into and the speed at which it is being pumped. For instance, setting the pump to a positive number will cause water to flood into the area, and a negative number will pump water out of the area. A higher positive number or lower negative number causes the pump to go faster in the desired direction.

The pump's direction can also be modified with the input set_targetlevel. This input allows the player to modify the current level of water in the pump's area. The input can be a decimal value between 0.0 (meaning the water level will be 0) or 100 (meaning the water level is at the highest it can be). When an input is set, the pumps direction is automatically set and it will begin gradually lowering or raising the water level to the desired target. This change is not instantaneously though, as it will take the pump some time to reach the designated target level.

In addition to the obvious use for the pumps, to pump out water when a flood occurs, it can also be used to pump water into the submarine to make it heavier, allowing the ship to dive into deeper parts of the ocean.

GUI[edit | edit source]

Pump GUI.png

I/O Interface[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Pump
Connecting a power source to this input will supply the pump with power.
Turns the pump on/off whenever a signal is received.
Turns the pump off when a signal "0" is received, and activates it when any other signal is received.
Sets the speed of the pump to the received value. The value is clamped between -100.0 and 100.0.
Sets the target water level in the room to the received value. 0.0 means that the pump will try to empty the room completely, 50 means that it will try to fill the room half way and 100.0 means that it will try to fill the entire room with water. The value is clamped between 0.0 and 100.0.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pumps are often used in real life to filter water in and out of submarines. This is done to make the ship heavier or lighter based on whether the ship is diving or raising. Rooms dedicated to this purpose are called ballasts.
    • This system is reflected in the official submarines included with Barotrauma, where the ships will automatically pump water into and out of the ballast based on which direction of the Y-axis the submarine is heading.