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When an item is broken down in the Deconstructor, it will be converted into raw materials, which can then be repurposed for creating other items in the Fabricator. Alternatively, some raw materials can also be acquired by purchasing them at the shop.

List of raw materials[edit | edit source]

Name Price Comments
Steel Bar.png
Steel Bar
50 Credits One of the most commonly used materials, from weapons, railgun shells to Electrical Components.
Copper Bar.png
Copper Bar
50 Credits Used in battery cells, wires, flashlights and revolver rounds.
Polycarbonate Bar.png
Polycarbonate Bar
50 Credits Used in railgun shells, depth charges, tools and diving equipment.
Uranium Bar.png
Uranium Bar
100 Credits Used in fuel rods, nuclear shells and nuclear depth charges.
Incendium Bar.png
Incendium Bar
Cannot Purchase Primarily used to make explosives. Incendium itself is unstable to the point that the bar will explode when struck with enough force.

See: Damage Values

Fulgurium Bar.png
Fulgurium Bar
Cannot Purchase Primarily used to make more powerful batteries. Fulgurium likely derives its name from fulgurite, a mineral structure that is created by lightning strikes.
FPGA Circuit.png
FPGA Circuit
100 Credits "Field-Programmable Gate Array" Circuit; used mainly for creating Electrical Components.

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Stun Damage
Kinematic Force
Explosion Radius
Damage Type
Incendium Bar, exploding 20
Item Incendium Bar, exploding
Attack Damage 20
Stun Damage 5
Kinematic Force 20
Explosion Radius 500
Damage Type Splash
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