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Type Weapon
Item Cost 700 Credits
Ammunition Revolver Round
Ammo Capacity 6
Skill Requirements
Weapons 40%
Constructible? No
Deconstructible? Yes
Materials Steel Bar, Aluminium Bar, Polycarbonate Bar

The Revolver is a powerful ranged weapon. It is given to the Captain upon spawn. By default it comes loaded with three revolver rounds, with room for six.

Function[edit | edit source]

The Revolver functions as a handheld ranged weapon. It is most useful for incapacitating or killing rogue crew members or Husks, as it won't be too effective against larger sea creatures. Users should beware, however, as the Revolver is capable of puncturing a hole in the hull of a submarine, meaning repeated misfires could cause disaster.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Revolver functions in a manner identical to the Harpoon Gun. After loading it with Revolver Rounds, hold the right mouse button down and move the mouse to aim, and press the left mouse button to fire. Users should note that the Revolver appears to be flawed, and has a chance to fly through a target. Due to this fact, users of the Revolver should be careful of what the player could potentially hit upon a miss.

Damage Values[edit | edit source]

Item Attack Damage
Bleeding Damage
Structure Damage
Stun Damage
Damage Type
Revolver Round.png
Revolver Round
10 Credits
Revolver Round.png
Revolver Round
Attack Damage 40
Bleeding Damage 3
Structure Damage 100
Stun Damage 0.5
Damage Type Blunt
Price 10
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}|}}