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Category Machines
Category Machines

Searchlight are stationary installations for shining light outside of the submarine.

Function[edit | edit source]

Searchlight can be useful for shining light in the dark deep waters. It projects light in a narrow, long cone towards where the Searchlight is aiming, useful for seeing potential targets or generally observing the outside of the submarine. This light can be toggled using the toggle_state wiring pin.

The Periscope is where a crewmember operates the Searchlight . In the submarine editor, the Periscope must be wired to the Searchlight where the Searchlight's position_in pin. Only one crewmember can operate a Periscope at a time. The connected Searchlight is aimed using a crosshair that replaces the mouse when interacting with the Periscope.

Connection Panel[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Searchlight
Connection Port.png toggle_state
Connection Port.png power_in
Connection Port.png position_in
Turns the Searchlight's light on/off.
Provides power to the Searchlight.
Controls where the Searchlight is aiming.