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The Shop is a key feature in Barotrauma's Mission Mode. It allows players to buy items using credits. The majority of Barotrauma's items can be bought from the shop, although alien items obviously can't.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Item Price
ButtonButton 10
Oxygen TankOxygen Tank 50
Diving MaskDiving Mask 50
Diving SuitDiving Suit 200
Underwater ScooterUnderwater Scooter 50
WireWire 10
FPGA CircuitFPGA Circuit 100
Wiring ComponentsWiring Components 10
Wifi ComponentWifi Component 20
Emergency SirenEmergency Siren 10
Alarm BuzzerAlarm Buzzer 10
CameraCamera 50
Medical SyringeMedical Syringe 50