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Status Monitor

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Status Monitor
Status Monitor.png
Category Machines
Power Consumption 100kW

The Status Monitor is an installation in Barotrauma. It allows players to quickly ascertain the level of water present in each section of the submarine, making attempts to find and fix floodings much easier.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Using the Status Monitor will bring up a schematic of the current submarine, in which every area is represented by white-bordered rectangles. The horizontal borders divide each layer based on ceiling/floor placement, while the vertical borders indicate where doors are located.

When an area of the submarine begins filling with water, the Status Monitor will update to show the current level of water in that section, signified by the area on the map filling up with the color blue. Hull breaches will be outlined in red. Areas containing pumps, such as ballast tanks and airlock, will display with a blue color on the outline. Hovering over a room on the status monitor will show you the room name and other data about the room.

This item can prove useful for isolating the location where floods are occurring,

I/O Interface[edit | edit source]

Connection panel for Status Monitor
Connection Port.png power_in
Connection Port.png water_data_in
Connection Port.png oxygen_data_in
Connecting a power source to this input will supply the Status Monitor with power.
Connecting a water detector's signal output to this input will give the Status Monitor information about water level in area where detector is placed.
Connecting an oxygen detector’s signal output to this input will give the Status Monitor information about oxygen quality in area where detector is placed.

Gallery[edit | edit source]