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Steel Cabinet

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Large Steel Cabinet
Large Steel Cabinet.png
Item Slots 30 small item slots

Medium Steel Cabinet
Medium Steel Cabinet.png
Item Slots 15 small item slots

Secure Steel Cabinet
Secure Steel Cabinet.png
Item Slots 15 small item slots

Steel cabinets, also referred to as lockers, are simple installations that act as a storage space. They prove beneficial in freeing up space in a crew member's inventory, as well as organizing items in general.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Upon interacting with a large steel cabinet, it will open a GUI table of slots for items. From here the player can drag and drop items into the table to store them. They can hold up to a max of 30 items. Medium steel cabinets can hold up to 15 items. Secure steel cabinets can hold 15 items, but they usually can only be accessed by captains or security guards.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Submarine Editing[edit | edit source]

Once placed, cabinets placed using the submarine editor can be set to auto-populate with appropriate items. To accomplish this, you must add the appropriate tags in the "Tags" field. See below for a table showing what items are included in each tab.

Additionally, the Secure Steel Cabinet can be set to only be accessible by crew members carrying a specific id tag. To accomplish this, enterthe desired id(s) into the "Picking required" field that is shown when the safe is selected in the submarine editor. Note that this mechanic is identical to the one used to secure doors against certain member of the crew.

Values below are taken from materials.xml, medical.xml, medmaterials.xml, tools.xml, weapons.xml, and buffs.xml, and is accurate as of v0.9.8.0.

Item storagecab medfabcab toxcab medcab supplycab secarmcab armcab weaponholder crewcab
carbon Yes
iron Yes
tin Yes
lead Yes
phosphorus Yes
copper Yes
zinc Yes
sodium Yes Yes
silicon Yes
calcium Yes Yes
aluminium Yes
uranium Yes
potassium Yes Yes
titanium Yes
magnesium Yes
lithium Yes
chlorine Yes
thorium Yes
steel Yes
titaniumaluminiumalloy Yes
plastic Yes
ballisticfiber Yes
organicfiber Yes
rubber Yes
flashpowder Yes
incendium Yes Yes Yes
fulgurium Yes
physicorium Yes
dementonite Yes Yes Yes
fiberplant Yes
elastinplant Yes
aquaticpoppy Yes
yeastshroom Yes
slimebacteria Yes
tonicliquid Yes
meth Yes
steroids Yes
hyperzine Yes
ethanol Yes
antibleeding1 Yes Yes
antibleeding2 Yes
antibleeding3 Yes
antidama1 Yes Yes
antidama2 Yes Yes
antibloodloss1 Yes Yes
antibloodloss2 Yes Yes
deusizine Yes
liquidoxygenite Yes Yes
calyxanide Yes
antipsychosis Yes
antinarc Yes
morbusineantidote Yes
cyanideantidote Yes
sufforinantidote Yes
deliriumineantidote Yes
antirad Yes
elastin Yes
opium Yes
antibiotics Yes
stabilozine Yes
adrenaline Yes
sulphuricacid Yes
spear Yes
alienspear Yes
explosivespear Yes
harpoongun Yes Yes
syringegun Yes Yes
revolverround Yes
revolver Yes Yes
smgmagazine Yes
smg Yes Yes
flamer Yes Yes
stungrenade Yes
empgrenade Yes
fraggrenade Yes
incendiumgrenade Yes
stunbaton Yes
divingknife Yes
grenadelauncher Yes
40mmgrenade Yes
40mmstungrenade Yes
shotgun Yes
shotgunshell Yes
stungun Yes
stungundart Yes
toyhammer Yes Yes
bikehorn Yes