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Disambig.png This article is about submarines themselves. For the submarines that come with the game, see Default submarines.

Submarines are the vehicles that players use to traverse the dangerous oceans of Europa in Barotrauma.

Rooms, Installations & Parts[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of common rooms and installations found on most submarines.

Control Room[edit | edit source]

Typically consisting of a Navigation Terminal, Status Monitor and at least a single Window, the control room is usually located at the front of the submarine and is utilized by the Captain to navigate the vessel as well as remotely control some parts of it with a single press of a button.

Reactor Room[edit | edit source]

The reactor room houses the Nuclear Reactor and usually a Steel Cabinet containing Fuel Rods and Heat Absorbers. Maintaining the reactor is vital to the survival of the crew, as without it the ship will lose power and soon enough run out of oxygen. It is not uncommon for reactor rooms to contain an Oxygen Generator.

Engine Room[edit | edit source]

An engine room, as the name implies, houses the vessel's Engine or Shuttle Engine. It requires power from the reactor room and a direct link to the Navigation Terminal to function. engine rooms are sometimes merged with reactor rooms or storage rooms to save space.

Ballast[edit | edit source]

A ballast is a room with one or multiple pumps which constantly pump water in or out of a submarine in order for the vessel to descend or ascend, respectively. They are the primary method of vertical movement for submarines and as such are considered critical for any submarine to have.

Airlock[edit | edit source]

Airlocks are a vital part of any submarine. They usually consist of two doors, a pump, one or more Diving Suits and a Steel Cabinet containing various diving gear. Aside from the docking bay, they are usually the only direct way to leave a submarine, which is necessary for exploring Alien Ruins and fixing outer hull breaches.

Docking Bay[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shuttle

A feature only present on large submarines, docking bays allow for shuttles to dock with submarines and in doing so attach themselves to the larger vehicle. This allows shuttles to be used as personnel carriers, scouting vehicles or even escape pods in dire scenarios.

Storage Room[edit | edit source]

Crew Quarters[edit | edit source]

Railgun[edit | edit source]

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Depth Charge[edit | edit source]

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