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Template:Installations infobox

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Installations infobox
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Template-info.png Documentation
{{Installations infobox
| name = Installation's name (override)
| image = image.png
| imagewidth = Image width
| caption = Caption under the image
| category = Installation's ingame category
| powerconsumption = Power consumption of installation
| itemslots = How many item slots an installation has
| powercapacity = How much power (kW) can be stored in a battery
| maxoutput = Maximum power (kW) that can be outputted out of a battery
| maxrechargespeed = Maximum recharge speed of a battery
| maxforce = Maximum thrust generated by the engine (specific)
| maxflow = Empty/fill rate of pumps (specific)
| o2generatedamount = How much oxygen is generated by the o2 gen (specific)
| repair = What kind of repair does the installation need when broken (electrical/mechanical/both)
| repairitems = Items needed for repair (used if only one kind of repair is needed)
| construction = Construction level needed for repair
| mechanical items = Items needed for mechanical repairs (welding tool, wrench)
| electrical engineering = Electrical level needed for repair
| electrical items = Items needed for electrical repairs (screwdriver, wire)
| nocat = (no category) Doesn't include the [[:Category:Installations|Installations Category]]
| nostats = (no stats) Removes the Stats section