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Template:Items infobox

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Items infobox
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Type General Item
Item Cost Not Purchasable
Skill Requirements
Constructible? {{{fabricator}}}
Deconstructible? {{{deconstructor}}}
Materials {{{materials}}}
Template-info.png Documentation
{{Items infobox
| name = Item name
| type = Type of item (general, tool, weapon, chemical, gear, container, electrical component, ammo, fuel, vehicle, exotic, misc)
| image = image.png
| imagewidth = Image width
| caption = Caption under the image
| ammo/fuel/equipment = What ammo/fuel the item uses (eg. Oxygen Tank, Welding Tank, Rounds, Spears, Battery Cell, etc...)
| cost = Item cost in the campaign store | If displaying multiple prices they must be arranged as: Research/Military/City/Outpost
| ammocost/fuelcost/equipmentcost = Cost of ammo/fuel/equipment in the campaign store
| ammocount/fuelcount/storagecapacity = Amount of ammo/fuel/other items the item can hold
| noreq = Does the item NOT have any skill requirements (If set to "yes" the "Skill Requirements" section won't appear)
| weapons = Weapons level required to handle item without penalty
| medical = Medical skill required to handle item without penalty
| construction = Construction level required to handle item without penalty
| handicap = The penalty for not having the correct level for this item
| noraw = Can the item NOT be constructed from raw materials (If set to "yes" the "Raw Materials" section won't appear)
| fabricator = Can the item be fabricated? (yes/no)
| deconstructor = Can the item be deconstructed? (yes/no)
| materials = Materials from which the item is fabricated or deconstructed