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Thalamus Brain[edit | edit source]

Thalamus Brain.png

The Thalamus Brain is the main piece of the Thalamus creature, it controls all of the other parts and when destroyed everything else will die with it.

Flesh Gun[edit | edit source]


The Flesh Gun is a weapon used by the Thalamus to trap passing submarines. When in range of a submarine it will shoot out a tether and pull the attached vessel towards it.

Flesh Gun Ammo Sack[edit | edit source]

FleshGun Ammo Sack.png

The Flesh Gun Ammo Sack is where ammunition is stored for use by the Flesh Gun.

Flesh Spike[edit | edit source]

Flesh Spike.png

The Flesh Spike is a form of "melee" weapon used by the Thalamus, when the sub is near the spike will shoot up and through the submarine damaging and destroying everything in its path and injecting terminal cells into the submarine.

Cell Spawn Organ[edit | edit source]

Cell Spawn Organ.png

This is the Thalamus's form of immune system, when active it will start spawning Leucocytes, which will then float towards the player and attack them, causing paralysis.

Organ[edit | edit source]


This lump of flesh is one of the organs of the Thalamus, when opened it will have a few items in it such as alien blood and swim bladders.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Ingame fact[edit | edit source]

If you leave a colony of bacteria in ballast and do not disturb for 2 years, then thalamus will grow in the boat