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Underwater Scooter

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Underwater Scooter
Underwater Scooter.png
Type Vehicle
Item Cost 50 Credits
Ammunition Battery Cell, Fulgurium Battery Cell
Skill Requirements
Constructible? Yes
Deconstructible? Yes
Materials Steel Bar, 2 Polycarbonate Bars, FPGA Circuit

The Underwater Scooter is a battery-powered underwater propulsion device. It can be used to travel underwater far faster than by swimming, and in many cases is vital to escaping an unexpected creature attack.

Function[edit | edit source]

The underwater scooter can be 'aimed' in the direction the player wishes to traverse using the right mouse button (by default). Pressing the left mouse button will then propel the player in that direction. When active, a spotlight is projected from the device, illuminating the water ahead of the player. Apart from the low hum of the motor, the scooter has no effect when used out of water. The scooter will function as long as a charged battery cell is inside the device.

In the absence of an Underwater Scooter, a Fire Extinguisher can also be used to propel oneself through water, albeit at a much slower speed than the scooter.

Gallery[edit | edit source]